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Interior Inspirations - Contemporary Zen Decor

From bronze statues and rustic furniture to mix-and-match patterns and bold colors, this edition of Interior Inspirations highlights Contemporary Zen decor. Designed to put you in a meditative, tranquil state of mind, Contemporary Zen decor has the ability to transport you to an alternate realm.

Contemporary Zen Decor

This style of interior design helps is ideal for bedrooms, as it helps you stay balanced, by being both serene and invigorating at the same time.

To add the style of Contemporary Zen decor to your home, look to combine the traditional elements of Asian inspired decor (including statues, prints, and a lattice headboard) with modern decorative accents (such as abstract artwork, contemporary lighting, and minimalist furniture).

Warm colors (such as orange and rust) are known to bring vitality and energy into a space. To balance these stimulating hues, earth tones and neutrals (such as mahogany, tan, and ivory) can help visually ground the space.

In addition, you can add luxe elements such as faux fur throws (for added coziness) and plush pillows (to heighten your sense of comfort and relaxation). Indoor plants not only help to purify the air in a room, it also brings a natural element into the space (which is a component of Feng Shui).

The key to bringing each of the pieces together is to make sure that the elements placed throughout the space work harmoniously with one another. That can easily be done by using similar patterns (such as geometric prints) and pleasing color combinations (as exemplified by the usage of varying shades of orange) highlighted in different areas (such as bedding, throw pillows, and artwork) within the room.

Don’t be afraid to go beyond Asian influences; feel free to feature bring in other world-inspired pieces, such as framed art (depicting European cities) or books about other cultures. This is what creates an eclectic, individualistic touch.

When you’re creating a Contemporary Zen decor look in your home, keep in mind that this type of decor is essentially about creating a space that inspires you.

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