Beverly Hills is one of the world’s premiere destinations for a luxurious, opulent lifestyle. This Southern California oasis is nestled below the Hollywood hills, set amongst a picture-perfect backdrop of swaying palm trees, pristinely landscaped gardens, and gorgeous architectural designs. Featured in the Inspirations & Continue Reading
The treatment you receive for a sports injury will depend on how severe the injury is and the part of your body that you’ve inured. If you don’t need medical treatment because it’s a mild strain or sprain, you can treat this injury at home using something called PRICE therapy. For a more serious sports […]
Urban classic home decor is a classic combination of traditional furniture mixed with sophisticated details and striking accessories. This style of home decor creates a comfortable and live-able environment, while still appearing upscale and chic. Generally featuring strong earth tones, off-set by rich colors and dramatic accents, urban classic Continue Reading
For the past couple weeks, the whole world has been buzzing about all the exciting spectacles taking place in Sochi. From watching the exquisite Opening Ceremony presentation to the plethora of winter sports competitions, the Winter Olympics have proven to be a dynamic and engaging series of events for spectators around the globe. Whether you’re Continue Reading
Flooring options range from hardwood floors to carpets and rugs. Deciding on which type of flooring you will install in your house depends on a few factors, including the overall decor of your home, your budget, and the amount of maintenance and upkeep you can afford to do. In addition to costing less to install, […]
Spring cleaning might be one of those annual home maintenance projects that you are dreading having to do, as it conjures up overwhelming ideas of exhausting hours of labor with minimal results. When done methodically, spring cleaning can actually be an easy and productive process that makes your home more organized and tidy. Featured here Continue Reading
Relationships don’t just happen overnight. They take hard work, compromise and need to be continually nurtured. Life’s stresses often put pressure on a relationship, so it’s important to give back to the relationship if it is to endure. No relationship is perfect but there are ways to improve your relationship so it will survive the […]
Although it may be nice to drive a new car every week, this isn’t a reality for most people. When you buy a car, you likely want it to last you for several years. Because of this, it’s essential that you purchase a vehicle that not only fits your needs, but matches up with your […]