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With the start of a New Year comes the chance to refresh your routine. If your goals this year are to get healthier, boost your sense of wellness, and create a better life-work balance, then today’s wellness guide will help you.

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress levels, improve your sense of well-being, or even radically change your habits – these spa-inspired ideas can help. From subtle shifts (like learning how to deep breathe more often) to mindfulness techniques, here are 5 spa-inspired ideas to boost your health & wellness this year.

5 Spa-Inspired Ideas To Boost Your Health & Wellness This Year

5 Spa-Inspired Ideas To Boost Your Health & Wellness

If you follow my Instagram stories, then you would have seen that I recently did a spa day. After a challenging week that was wrought with stressful moments, I knew the best way for me to relax, unwind, and take care of myself was to book a massage at the spa. While I was there, it got me thinking that many of the benefits of going to a spa can actually be experienced at home too. Here are 5 spa-inspired ideas that you can enjoy at home.

5 Spa-Inspired Ideas To Boost Your Health & Wellness This Year

Bring in More House Plants

In addition to adding vibrant color and visual appeal into any space, one of the major health benefits of adding more house plants into your home is that it boosts air quality. House plants help to eliminate unhealthy toxins (like dust) from the air by purifying it. They also boost healing by producing more oxygen, which helps you breathe easier.

5 Spa-Inspired Ideas To Boost Your Health & Wellness This Year

Do a Creative Activity

Whether you paint, draw or use a coloring book, doing a creative activity can help reduce feelings of stress, tension, and anxiety. Your brain enters a meditative state (which calms your body) when you do creative activities. This enables you to feel more relaxed and grounded, which boosts your sense of wellness. It also can help relieve negative thought patterns as it retrains your mind to focus on something positive.

5 Spa-Inspired Ideas To Boost Your Health & Wellness This Year

Use Himalayan Salt Lamps

It has been reported that having Himalayan Salt Lamps in your home can boost your health and wellness in a myriad of ways. As an example, Himalayan Salt Lamps are said to produce negatively-charged ions in the atmosphere, which can make you feel more positive. As reported by Healthline, “people with depressive symptoms who were exposed to very high levels of negative ions reported improvements in their mood.” In addition, claims have been made that Himalayan Salt Lamps can help reduce pollutants in a space, which helps to improve your home’s air quality.

5 Spa-Inspired Ideas To Boost Your Health & Wellness This Year

Consume More Vegetables

Even if you don’t love eating vegetables, an easy, enjoyable way to up your daily intake is by making a healthy smoothie. As an example, a cleansing smoothie (here’s a good recipe to try) containing spinach, kale, cucumber, ginger, apple, lemon juice, and ice improves your circulation and digestion, eliminates toxins, and gives your vital antioxidants. When you consume more vegetables, your skin starts to glow, you naturally have more energy, and your immune system strengthens. Vegetables are also one of the body’s best natural defenses to illnesses and health problems, as the vitamins give your cells the nutrients they need to perform efficiently.

5 Spa-Inspired Ideas To Boost Your Health & Wellness This Year

Breathe Deeply, More Often

While you might not have the luxury of having an “Inhalation Room” at home, you can choose to breathe deeply, more often. Whenever you feel stress rising, remind yourself to just breathe. By spending a few mindful moments throughout the day to focus on deep breathing, you will experience both immediate and long-term health benefits.

Deep breathing helps to increase a sense of calm by de-stressing you. It also improves your lung function, which can ward off illnesses (like pneumonia or bronchitis). Deep breathing helps to lower blood pressure, increase energy and vitality, and stimulate your brain’s ability to think clearly and focus better (as you’re oxygenating your cells).

Before going to bed, to help you relax, I recommend putting a drop of organic lavender essential oil on the tip of your nose. Then for 5-10 minutes, do deep breathing. The aromatherapeutic benefits of inhaling the lavender oil will help to calm your mind and body, giving you a deeper, more restful sleep.

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