Since we’re just beginning the New Year, you might be thinking about resolutions or new intentions you want to set. Whether you’re currently facing challenges or simply wish there was something you could change (a relationship, money, health, etc.), the first step toward creating a life you love is to have a positive outlook.

Of all the spiritual and self-help books I’ve ever read, the one takeaway I learned was this – a positive outlook will radically change your experience in any situation. No matter what you’re going through, by choosing to have a positive outlook, you are empowering yourself to become a victor (rather than feeling like a victim).

How To Have a Positive Outlook During Challenging Times

Here are 3 ways to create a positive outlook:

  1. Believe that you have a choice in how you view every situation. When you choose to have a positive outlook, you are empowering yourself to see each experience as an opportunity. Through this, you can learn how to overcome a challenge with ease, how to grow and evolve, and how to become stronger and wiser. Successful people will all tell you that they often learned the most during the hardest times. That’s when we develop our character and find out how tough (and capable) we really are.
  2. Focus on possibilities. Often times, when presented with a challenging experience, our brains go into over-drive worrying about the outcome and imagining the worst-case scenario. But, rather than going down this negative rabbit hole, why not think about all the possibilities (that are positive)? For example, if someone is breaking up with you, avoid the temptation to assume you’ll never find love again. Remind yourself that there a lot of great people out there who you have yet to meet. If this one relationship didn’t work out, then you have to believe that a better one is on the horizon. This will help you attract a new person into your life more easily, as you’ll be exuding a confident, radiant attitude (rather than a depressed, negative outlook – which repels love).
  3. Choose happiness each day. No matter what you’re going through (financial troubles, relationship problems, health issues), there’s always something to be happy about. Even the simple joys of life (like watching a sunset, catching up with a loving friend, or seeing someone smile when you compliment them) – these are all reasons to be happy. When we choose happiness (rather than waiting for a “reason to be happy”), we create more joyful experiences and even are able to experience positive moments during hard times. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I opt to read an uplifting book or watch a funny TV show (lately Frasier has been my go-to for a good laugh). As reported in Psychology Today, “Happiness is indeed a critical precursor to success. People prompted to experience positive emotions set higher goals for themselves, persevere at challenging tasks longer, view themselves and others more favorably, and are more optimistic they will succeed. People induced to feel happy also demonstrate greater creativity and productivity than those induced to feel less happy.”

How To Have a Positive Outlook During Challenging Times

A Story About How Having a Positive Outlook Can Lead to Miracles

Remember – life isn’t happening to you; it’s happening for you. Every experience (especially the challenging moments) can be perceived as a learning lesson or a growth opportunity; the choice is up to you. To illustrate this point, I’m going to share with you an intense life situation I just faced, in which I chose to have a positive outlook.

A week ago, one of my family members was admitted into the hospital with a life-threatening condition. Within minutes upon arriving at the ER, this person was intubated (which means they were put on a breathing machine). At the time, we didn’t know the exact cause of the problem. We just knew they couldn’t breathe.

It was at that moment, I remembered that I had to choose “faith over fear”. Instead of reacting emotionally and imagining the worst, I chose to have a positive outlook and envision this person miraculously healing.

After a few up-and-down moments in the ICU, over the course of several days, they started making enormous improvements – so much so, that the Doctors and Nurses were all amazed. Throughout the entire ordeal, I continued to maintain a positive outlook. Not only did this help me stay emotionally-grounded and level-headed (even when the Doctors were extremely worried or didn’t have answers), but it also enabled me to use my intuition to gain insight into what might be causing the problem.

Our family started thinking about all the potential causes of the problem, which led us to research the side effects of certain medicines. After my brother discovered a few rare case studies that linked the meds to this particular problem, we instructed the ICU Doctors to take them off these drugs. Within 24-hours, they started to miraculously improve. Over the next several days, this person continued to make great strides in improving their health status. While there is still work ahead for them, we are excited to report that they are back on the road to healing.

The point of this story is to remind you that choosing a positive outlook (especially during challenging times) will not only help you remain calm and clear-headed, but it can also help you to manifest miracles and find new solutions.

How To Have a Positive Outlook During Challenging Times

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