Whether you’ve set a new intention to get in shape this year, or you’re just trying to stay motivated with your current fitness routine, today’s guide shares 4 fresh ways to make your fitness routine more fun. From outdoor exercises you can do anywhere to easy ways to shake up your gym routine, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Fresh Ways To Make Your Fitness Routine More Fun

4 Fresh Ways To Make Your Fitness Routine More Fun

Once you become committed to taking care of your body on a daily basis, there’s no turning back. By making a mindful decision to treat your health and fitness as a priority, you not only look better, you also start to feel more confident and happy. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, remember that even taking one step forward toward your fitness goals is a big step in the right direction.

Fresh Ways To Make Your Fitness Routine More Fun

Do Yoga Poses Outdoors

Whether you’re an advanced yogi or just starting out, doing yoga classes indoors can sometimes be intimidating. Watching yourself in the mirror, comparing yourself to others, or just getting distracted by all the people in the room – it can all feel overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to practice yoga (which is a mind-body practice). That’s why going outdoors to do yoga poses can be helpful. Connecting with nature, breathing in the fresh air, and calming your mind (by eliminating unnecessary distractions) are 3 invigorating ways to revitalize your yoga practice.

One of my favorite places to practice yoga poses outdoors is at the “Yoga in the Vines” classes at Folktale Vineyards in Carmel, California. Not only do you get to enjoy a rejuvenating 90-minute morning yoga class amidst the beauty of the vineyards, but it also enables you to feel the simple pleasure of waking up with nature. Not to mention… it comes with a complimentary glass of wine to unwind with after class. If you happen to live in or are visiting the Monterey Bay area, I definitely recommend checking out one of these weekend classes.

Fresh Ways To Make Your Fitness Routine More Fun

Hit The Trails

Whenever I feel stifled or bored by my typical fitness routine, I shake things up and head outdoors. Whether I’m going for a brisk walk or a hike in the woods, I’ve found that I often feel renewed and invigorated when I hit the trails. From a challenging hike up a mountain to a relaxing walk by the ocean, exercising outdoors is a great way to have fun and get fit. Whenever you do something different and explore new areas, it stimulates your mind and body, which makes your fitness routine more fun.

Fresh Ways To Make Your Fitness Routine More Fun

Around the Monterey Peninsula, we have so many awesome recreational trails that make it easy to feel inspired to go outdoors. A couple of my fave local spots to exercise outdoors include Point Lobos State Park in Carmel and the Coastal Recreational Trail in Pacific Grove.

Fresh Ways To Make Your Fitness Routine More Fun

Try New Gym Equipment

If you’ve ever been intimidated by the gym, you’re not alone. Many people (including those of us who have gone to the gym regularly) can be a little scared of trying new equipment. But that’s half the fun! Rather than sticking with the same old fitness routine at the gym, be courageous and try out new equipment. There are often gym regulars or fitness instructors around who can lend a helping hand if you need a little guidance or assistance. So don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for help. Often times, just working different muscle groups and challenging your body to do something out of the ordinary is all you need to shake up your fitness routine and see noticeable changes.

Fresh Ways To Make Your Fitness Routine More Fun

Use a Fitness App or Watch Exercise Videos On-The-Go

Whenever I feel like my fitness routine is getting boring, I shake things up by watching a fitness video. Even when I’m at the gym, I often like to turn on a YouTube video (lately I’ve been loving the Popsugar Fitness channel) or use a fitness app (like Aaptiv – which offers all types of audio workouts like HIIT training, boxing, yoga, and more). These stimulating fitness programs challenge me to try new moves, push my body harder, and give my mind something interesting to focus on.

From mat Pilates to Barre, some of my favorite equipment-free exercises are not only fun to do, but truly give you a workout that shapes and tones your body. The best part is… all you need is a mat, which means you can do these fitness routines on-the-go or at home.

Fresh Ways To Make Your Fitness Routine More Fun

Throughout your fitness journey, you’ll inevitably have moments when you feel uninspired or stuck in a rut. That’s why a few simple changes to revitalize your routine is all you need. As Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.”

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