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Whether you’ve been feeling tense, stressed or even frazzled, sometimes you just need self-care and to do some stretches. To help you unwind during the holidays, I&C Fitness Contributor, Jacqueline Hinton  (a Los Angeles based Pilates instructor and the CEO of the Pilates lifestyle brand Good Citizen) shares 5 stretches to help you relax and relieve tension in your body.

Fitness Guide: 5 Stretches To Help You Unwind During The Holidays

5 Stretches To Help You Unwind

The holidays can be crazy! Between all the shopping, cleaning, cooking, parties, travel, and time with family and friends, you can feel pulled in so many different directions, while trying to juggle your regular schedule. Well, we’ve got you covered. Take a break—just for you—and stretch out that holiday stress with this quick routine. So find a quiet spot, and take a minute for yourself.

Fitness Guide: 5 Stretches To Help You Unwind During The Holidays


Sit either with your with your legs crossed or in a comfortable position for your body. Rest your hands on your knees palms up. Take 10 deep breaths in through the nose and 10 breaths out through the mouth. Let each inhale and exhale get deeper as you breathe. As you exhale, release tension in the part of your body where you feel like you are holding on or feel tight.

Hip Stretch

Sit with your legs crossed. Take an inhale through the nose, then exhale through the mouth and fold forward over your crossed legs trying to keep your back flat. You can rest your hands or forearms onto the floor in front of you. Hold here and repeat your 10 deep breaths in through the nose and 10 breaths out through the mouth. Repeat with the other with your leg crossed in front.

Side Bend

Still sitting with your legs crossed, side bend to the left, resting your right forearm on the ground and reaching your right arm over the head. Try to keep your right sits bone on the ground. Switch to the left. Repeat 10 times per side.


Start on your hands and knees with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Round your back pushing the floor away from you and dropping your head and tailbone to the floor exhaling. Image the image of a scared cat. Reverse by lifting your chest and tailbone up to the sky on the inhale. Repeat this 10-20 times.


Standing with your feet perfectly parallel, take an inhale; and on the exhale, nod your chin to your chest and roll down one vertebra at a time. Keep your hips over your heels and your knees slightly bent. Once you are at your lowest point, take another inhale, scoop the belly towards the sky, and roll up one vertebra at a time. Repeat 10-20 times.

Fitness Guide: 5 Stretches To Help You Unwind During The Holidays

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Fitness Contributor: Jacqueline Hinton

Contributor Jacqueline HintonJacqueline Hinton is a Los Angeles based Pilates instructor, the CEO of the Pilates lifestyle brand Good Citizen, and a professional dancer with a BFA in Dance from The University of Texas at Austin. Jackie has over a decade in the Pilates industry and has forever changed the world of Pilates by creating the original personal Pilates loop. As a fitness contributor to Inspirations & Celebrations, Jackie shares exercise and fitness tips to help you shape and sculpt your body.

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