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Whether you’re entertaining at home or going out on New Year’s Eve, there’s no better excuse to wear a gorgeous party dress. If you’re trying to figure out what to wear on NYE, here’s a glamorous New Year’s Eve party outfit that’ll inspire you to dress up.

NYE Party Outfit Inspiration

In today’s style guide, discover how a dazzling sequin sweater dress will keep you warm and cozy on NYE, while also turning up the heat on your style. Plus, learn my tips on how to accessorize your outfit and stay comfortable.

A Glamorous NYE Party Outfit To Inspire You To Dress Up on New Year's Eve

Give the Weather the Cold-Shoulder in a Sweater Dress

Let’s be real for a minute – New Year’s Eve in a lot of places is friggin’ cold. That’s why a sweater dress is so appealing. It’s practical since it keeps you warm. But it looks glamorous embellished with sparkling sequins.

Honestly – I can now see why it really is the perfect NYE party outfit!

A Glamorous NYE Party Outfit To Inspire You To Dress Up on New Year's Eve

3 Style Tips for Shopping for a Sequin Sweater Dress:

  1. A form-fitting sequin dress looks classiest when it doesn’t reveal a lot of skin. That’s why long-sleeves and longer hemlines on this type of dress work so well. 
  2. If you want to look ladylike, opt for a knee-length or just above the knee hemline (like the Michael Kors dress I’m wearing here). This way, you’ll feel appropriately dressed for any upscale NYE celebration – from elegant dinners to fancy parties.
  3. If you want to add a dose of sexiness to your outfit, a cold-shoulder cut-out will instantly make you hotter.

A Glamorous NYE Party Outfit To Inspire You To Dress Up on New Year's Eve

Use Accessories To Complement Your Outfit

Since a sequined dress makes a bold statement on its own, accessories should ideally complement the outfit, rather than compete with it. That’s why opting for accessories in the same color family is a smart choice.

As an example, this chic beaded clutch (by Jimmy Choo) and understated hoop earrings (such as these double oval earrings by Armenta) look sophisticated when paired with a sequined dress.

Remember, when you’re accessorizing a sequined dress – less is more. 

A Glamorous NYE Party Outfit To Inspire You To Dress Up on New Year's Eve

Kick Off New Year’s Eve in Comfortable Party Shoes

Get ready to kick off NYE in comfortable party shoes that look stylish, but fit well.

When shopping for heels, shop for shoes that fit comfortably. Even if they’re Jimmy Choos on sale, if they’re too tight when you try them on, don’t buy them.

As uncute as it is to think about, as we drink and eat throughout the night, our feet naturally expand. Blame it on alcohol, salty foods, or just gravity – but bottom line, it’s one of the reasons why our feet hurt after a long night. That’s why it’s never wise to buy shoes that are uncomfortable.

In addition, I say opt for a heel height that you feel comfortable in. For me – 4″ heels are my max; for other gals, they might prefer 3″ or lower. Figure out what works best for you, and make sure you look natural walking in them. 

Whether you wear pumps or heeled sandals, a gel shoe insert will always boost your comfort level. Plus, a soothing foot cream can help prevent blisters and soften your skin. 

No matter how you plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve, may you have a warm and wonderful time! 

A Glamorous NYE Party Outfit To Inspire You To Dress Up on New Year's Eve

For more style tips and inspiration, check out the Fashion & Style section on Inspirations & Celebrations. 

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

NYE Party Outfit

Photography by James Molinaro (JM3)

Fashion Stylists: Tracy Odle (Augustina’s Designer Boutique) & Christina-Lauren Pollack (I&C)

Apparel and Handbag c/o Augustina’s Designer Boutique; Jewelry c/o Augustina Leathers

Location: Villa Sogni d’Oro c/o Compass | The Oldham Group

About the property: Surrounded by a serene forest setting, this modern ocean view home offers quintessential luxury living in Pebble Beach, California. With its Mediterranean-inspired architecture and custom detailing, this spacious property is truly a tranquil retreat located within one of the world’s most desirable coastal destinations. From custom designed rooms (like an entertainer’s dream kitchen, an inviting living room, and a luxurious master bedroom) to fresh, contemporary finishes, this newly-remodeled home features an open floor plan and a courtyard to extend the celebration to outdoors. 

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