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During Monterey Car Week, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars hosted an exclusive celebration at the House of Rolls-Royce in Pebble Beach, California.

Celebrating the Spirit of Ecstasy, the history of the iconic name Rolls-Royce, and the nature of Goodwood (Home of Rolls-Royce), invited guests were delighted by a mesmerizing and surreal experience while previewing the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII edition at a glamorous private estate on the Central Coast.

An Iconic Evening at the House of Rolls Royce in Pebble Beach - Goodwood Home of RollsThis enthralling event was held at the ‘Rolls-Royce Villa at Pebble Beach’ and presented by Pedro Mota, President of Americas, Giles Taylor, Head of Design and Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Tucked away at a sensational estate overlooking Stillwater Cove and the 18th Fairway of Pebble Beach Resorts, the House of Rolls-Royce was the ultimate hideaway for the global elite during Monterey Car Week. As automobile collectors and auto aficionados gathered to indulge in a hedonistic week of auto-overload, the House of Rolls-Royce served as a luxurious retreat for special guests.

The 100-year history of the Rolls-Royce brand exemplifies the longevity that has resulted from the merging of two formidable forces – the Honourable Charles Rolls and with Sir Henry Royce. Their vision for excellence and engineering knowledge came together to form a union that created an enduring luxury brand which surpasses excellence in everything it does and stands for.

Luxury. Craftsmanship. Inspired Style. – These words have been synonymous with the brand since 1904.

An Iconic Evening at the House of Rolls Royce in Pebble Beach - Monterey Car Week

Throughout history, legendary figures such as Fred Astaire, a Hollywood icon, have owned a Rolls-Royce Phantom. If you’re wondering who’s buying RR’s lately, have you heard about the allure and mystique of the House of Rolls-Royce? It’s an elite play-place for Rolls-Royce owners and specially invited guests. If the House of Rolls-Royce epitomizes anything – it represents the type of extravagant lifestyle that goes along with owning a Phantom.

An Iconic Evening at the House of Rolls Royce in Pebble Beach - Spirit of Ecstasy

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Debuts Phantom VIII Edition

Honoring the launch of the Phantom VIII, Rolls-Royce shared the below message in a virtual press preview:

“You don’t just build the future. You commission it. Made in your image, not for your image. The world needs icons to lead the way. For those whose presence has the power to inspire greatness. There is only one choice – unmatched. unrivaled. one of one. Phantom.”

The launch of the Phantom VIII is significant in the history of the brand as it’s a rare occasion that a new design is released from Rolls-Royce. The new, modernized silhouette of the Phantom offers a sleek, sophisticated appeal combined with technological advancements that appeal to discerning buyers who want to make a powerful statement.

In decades past, notable figures, celebrities, and millionaires often owned a Rolls-Royce Phantom, due to the exclusivity and prestige of the cars (due to a starting price of $450k). In current times, the exclusive group of Rolls-Royce owners that gather at the House of Rolls-Royce has expanded to include billionaires, social elite, successful entrepreneurs, renowned automobile collectors (such as Michael Fux) and even reality television stars (like Josh Altman and Matt Altman of Bravo-TV’s Million Dollar Listing, as seen below).

An Iconic Evening at the House of Rolls Royce in Pebble Beach - The Altman Brothers

The experience at the House of Rolls-Royce is one unlike any other.

As we drive up to a mysteriously lit private estate in Pebble Beach, through a dark, windy road surrounded by towering Oak and Cypress Trees, we’re greeted by an excited energy – a crowd of powerful people eager to have an unforgettable night.

Strolling up to the $41 million-dollar mansion, our eye is caught by the electrifying Phantom VIII gracefully perched on the driveway. As the car elegantly sits on the stone pavement, it’s surrounded by a bevy of stylishly-dressed guests bubbling with electricity and anticipation for what lies ahead.

Because, as the stories go – there’s nothing like a night at the House of Rolls-Royce.

An Iconic Evening at the House of Rolls Royce in Pebble Beach - Rolls-Royce Phantom

Weaving through the crowds down the graceful pathway, we’re welcomed into the palatial (yet cozy) private estate. As we stroll through the main entrance into the grand living room, we’re instantly inspired to tour the expansive property. With sweeping views, beautifully-manicured gardens, and a Mediterranean atmosphere, we can easily see how this estate epitomizes the essence of what Rolls-Royce stands for.

An Iconic Evening at the House of Rolls Royce in Pebble Beach - Spirit of Ecstasy

Leading off the main entrance is an expansive wrap-around deck that offers unparalleled ocean and golf course views. The natural beauty of the Central Coast instantly captures our attention as we meander through the lively DJ’d party, leading to an exhilarating virtual experience that we have yet to explore.

An Iconic Evening at the House of Rolls Royce in Pebble Beach - Spirit of Ecstasy

As we enter the beating heart of the party – the scenic outdoor patio bar, pool and dance floor – our senses are evoked when the dazzling light display in front of us beckons us to come hither. The mesmerizing engagement of watching party guests frolick with the Spirit of Ecstasy in an interactive digital display brings this iconic brand to life in a visually enticing and memorable way.

Rolls-Royce explains the symbolism behind the Spirit of Ecstasy as “our silent guide, an elegant presence inspiring us to perfection in everything we do. For over a century she has moved us forward, the final seal of approval on an unparalleled combination of pace, elegance, engineering and hand craftsmanship.”

The Spirit of Ecstasy at the House of Rolls-Royce Pebble Beach

Surpassing all expectations, the Rolls-Royce team has successfully captured the aura of the Spirit of Ecstasy, shining a radiant light on her magical and transformative power for all to behold. The entrancing experience puts guests in the mood to unleash their inner desire to dream bigger.

An Iconic Evening at the House of Rolls Royce in Pebble Beach - Spirit of Ecstasy

Beyond an unforgettable evening in Pebble Beach, this occasion illustrates how this iconic century-old brand is on fire with new energy and is exuding the epitome of luxury in the modern era.

If a car is a reflection of ourselves, then we should ask ourselves – what does our automobile represent? In the case of Rolls-Royce, the Phantom is the ultimate expression of elevated style, sophistication, and status.

An Iconic Evening at the House of Rolls Royce in Pebble Beach - Spirit of Ecstasy

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the House of Rolls-Royce, it’s that the brand epitomizes a luxurious lifestyle that exhibits the power of unlimited imagination combined with the eternal pursuit of excellence. If that’s not inspirational, what is?!

[Video filmed and edited by James Michael 3; Video produced by Inspirations & Celebrations. Photography by Christina-Lauren Pollack.]


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