Whether you run a business from your home (and need to be online for work) or just enjoy browsing the internet, watching streaming videos, and staying in touch with friends, installing a fast, secure, and reliable Wi-Fi system in your home is a must-have nowadays (especially with the rise in hacking and cyber-security threats).

That’s why the new and exciting Deco M5 Wi-Fi System from TP-Link is quickly gaining buzz as one of the most revolutionary technology devices to hit the market. 

 Dream Big With The Exciting New Deco WiFi System For Your Home

With a compact, simple, streamlined design, Deco devices seamlessly fit-in with the decor of any space, from home offices to bedrooms and living rooms. Because of its advanced technology, which utilizes adaptive routing technology to find the fastest path to the internet for any device, the system ensures that each of your devices gets online quickly.

Plus, set-up is easier than ever – just connect by bluetooth and follow along with the Deco app (on your smartphone) to connect. The installation process takes just a few minutes, and doesn’t require any previous knowledge of setting-up routers. 

 Dream Big With The Exciting New Deco WiFi System For Your Home

In addition to providing fast, reliable Wi-Fi, the all-inclusive system also protects your devices, as it offers advanced security while you’re browsing the internet. TP-Link HomeCare protects every connected device with anti-virus protection. The built-in defense system blocks malicious URLs and potential viruses from accessing your devices, giving you peace of mind when being connected online.

If you’re concerned about your kids using the internet, you’ll feel better knowing that the system enables you to have access to powerful parental controls, which give you the ability to filter content and even set time limits for your kids’ internet usage.

 Dream Big With The Exciting New Deco WiFi System For Your Home

Since the system comes with multiple devices, you can get expansive Wi-Fi coverage in your home (up to 4500 sq. ft.), which ensures that you’ll have access to Wi-Fi in every room of the house, uninterrupted.

Compared to other Wi-Fi systems, when you run a page test speed analysis, you’ll discover that the Deco Wi-Fi system works significantly faster than other routers (ours went from 40 Mbps Download speed to over 115 Mbps, which is amazing). This means that you’ll be able to access, upload and download files much quicker than before. 

 Dream Big With The Exciting New Deco WiFi System For Your Home

Dream big and let your imagination soar by painting your home with Wi-Fi. The possibilities to create, learn, share, and be entertained are limitless when you have fast, reliable, secure internet access. To learn more about how TP-Link’s Deco Whole-Home Wi-Fi system can modernize your family’s home, visit their website.


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