Kickstarter is one of the best ways for emerging brands and businesses to introduce new products to consumers, fund their projects, and gain exposure to a wide audience of shoppers. Since we always love learning about exciting innovations, advanced new technologies, and bright ideas that make life simpler, we were excited to discover these 9 cool Kickstarter campaigns that will make your life easier, safer, and happier. 

10 Cool Kickstarter Campaigns That Are Worth Funding

10 Cool Kickstarter Campaigns

From revolutionary beauty devices that dramatically improve skin health to smart home security tools that protect our homes from hackers, here are 10 Kickstarter campaigns we’re stoked about right now.

10 Cool Kickstarter Campaigns That Are Worth Funding - Espro

ESPRO: Hailed as “the world’s lightest coffee press and hydration bottle”, this innovative tool is a brilliant invention for campers, hikers, or just anyone who’s on-the-go. If you love your coffee to-go, then you should enjoy this light 16 oz. vacuum-insulated, stainless steel French press & hydration bottle. Featuring double micro-filters that eliminate sludge and stop extraction, this multi-use bottle also keeps your beverage hot or cold, depending on your preference. 

10 Cool Kickstarter Campaigns That Are Worth Funding - Foreo UFO

Foreo UFO: Highlighted at the recent CES exhibit, this revolutionary beauty tool turns up the notch on your face mask in just 90 seconds.Called the “world’s most advanced smart mask”, this innovative device was created to put you “on the fast track to flawless-looking skin (by) turning a 20-minute treatment into a 90-second treat.” Combining specially-designed Korean face masks with Hyper-Infusion Technology (heating + cooling + T-Sonic pulsations) & LED light therapy, UFO offers a professional-level treatment in the comfort of your own home.  

10 Cool Kickstarter Campaigns That Are Worth Funding - GIGA Super Jacket

GIGA Super Jacket: Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, camping junkie, or live in a cold climate, this multi-functional jacket was created to make life easier. The stylish exterior conceals a techie’s dream jacket, packed with 16 features ranging from an iPad pouch to a clear phone pocket.

10 Cool Kickstarter Campaigns That Are Worth Funding - Happy Essentials

Happy Essentials: This monthly delivery subscription service was created to “keep your family happy and healthy with all natural products delivered straight to your door.” All of their organic and feel-good products are shipped straight to your door at cost – you pay what the company pays. The essentials range from home, kitchen and bathroom products to baby and pet products, and soon more products.

10 Cool Kickstarter Campaigns That Are Worth Funding - Hudly Technology

Hudly: Bringing modern smartphone connectivity to your car, this device enables you to drive smarter with a head-up display, have a safer way to get directions, and make calls and texts without taking your eyes off the road. It connects wirelessly to both iOS and Android devices and can be installed in virtually any car. You can use their app, optimized to get the most out of a head-up di lay, or cast any of your favorite apps directly in your line of sight for seamless navigation.

10 Cool Kickstarter Campaigns That Are Worth Funding - IQ Bar

IQ Bar: When your brain gets the nutrients it needs, it performs better. Created for busy, on-the-go folks, IQ Bars are nutrition bars optimized for sustained cognitive performance, energy, and health…and deliciousness. Containing prebiotic fibers, vitamins, and heart-healthy Omegas, these tasty snacks pack a mighty punch.

10 Cool Kickstarter Campaigns That Are Worth Funding - Super Wireless Charging Station

Super Wireless Charging Station: Do you ever find yourself frantically searching for a charging cable, just when you realize your laptop and cell phone batteries are about to die?! To make life simpler and help you stay connected, this fast charging station provides a digital demodulation solution, enabling you to charge 6 devices simultaneously.

10 Cool Kickstarter Campaigns That Are Worth Funding - Yeti Touch

Yeti Touch Defrosting Tray: If you love cooking, but are limited on time (like most of us), then this innovative solution is for you. This tray was designed to enable you to defrost rock-hard meats, poultry, and fish 2x times faster than usual. The material of Yeti Touch defrosting tray is Aero-aluminum with enamel coating, which is food grade material with FDA standard, allowing you to defrost food in just 20 minutes.

10 Cool Kickstarter Campaigns That Are Worth Funding - Akita Smart Home Security

Akita: Protect your home from IoT invasions and hacks with Akita, the IoT device watchdog station. With many of us using smart home technology (like smart-locks, wireless ceiling lights, security cameras, and more), it makes sense to have a piece of technology that keeps these devices hacker-safe. Connected to a LAN port on your router, Akita scans your network for any unusual activity and immediately shuts it down. All-the-while letting you know an attempt was made to invade your privacy. Akita uses military-grade security protection that’s been retrofitted for the home. How’s that for smart tech?

Whether you’re hunting for the latest and greatest in beauty devices or are searching for tools that make life easier, safer, and happier, check out these cool Kickstarter campaigns to learn more.

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