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Updating the look of your home for Fall can be an easy and effortless process. To help you make your home feel cozy this season, today’s Home Decor Guide features 5 inspiring Fall home decorating ideas from interior design experts. From vintage pieces that add an authentic vibe to a space to Autumnal hues that bring warmth to a room, learn how the pros decorate a house for Fall.

5 Easy and Effortless Fall Home Decorating Ideas from Interior Design Experts

Fall Home Decorating Ideas

Mix in Vintage Finds

Nancy Jacobs, owner of Decades of Vintage, an online designer source for vintage and antique book collections for home decor accents by color and style, says that “One of the easiest ways to update any home for Fall is to add accents from the green and earth-tone family of colors that signify Autumn. A wonderful way to do this is by incorporating beautiful vintage and antique book collections that reflect warm colors and styles but are individually curated by set so no two are ever alike. When put together into cohesive sets, decorative book sets in shades that echo the colors of falling leaves are perfect accents for mantels, end tables, entryway console tables, and built-ins.”

Spice up Your Home with Autumnal Scents

Charmaine Wynter, the design principal at Wynter Interiors Inc., loves adding warm Fall scents to spice up a home for Autumn. She says, “Homeowners often forget the role fragrances play in our enjoyment of a room. I always embrace scents in my interior design projects; a few of my fall additions are cloves, cinnamon, apple cider scented candles and or cedar scented logs or mesquite wood chips placed in the fireplace.”

Cover Up & Get Cozy

Ken Shleifer, the owner of Broadway Furniture, suggests we cover up and get cozy this Fall. “Slipcovers for your couch, chairs, and pillows, or a duvet cover for your bed, can make all the difference in your transition from spring/summer to autumn/winter. Look for the softest materials as fall is everyone’s favorite time to get cozy.”

5 Easy and Effortless Fall Home Decorating Ideas from Interior Design Experts

Create Visual Interest with Textures

Nidhi Bhalla, the owner and head interior designer at The London Homeware Company, suggests playing with textures. “Textured materials and chunky knits look stunning in bedrooms over the winter period. Bedrooms are meant to feel cosy during this season and adding a knitted stool and chunky cushions can really transform the feel of the room. I also love leather in the bedroom for fall, and it goes great with the textured materials. Try a leather waste bin, photo frames or tissue box for sophistication.”

Play up Autumnal Hues

CoCo Peterson, Director of Merchandise & Interior Design at recommends playing up autumnal hues. “Burnt oranges and deep reds are always a staple color for autumn decor, but jewel tones also work well in addition to monochromatic white on white with metallic accents. Think of the colors that make you think of those cozy, cuddly or pumpkin spice latte kind of days – they could be a mixture of a deep grey with a rusty red or a royal purple with a hunter green that emulates the colors of the changing trees outside.”

For more Fall home decorating tips and ideas, check out the Home Decorating section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

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  1. Love this piece on Fall Decorating. Autumn comes quickly and is often squeezed between Halloween and Christmas. Great to have these resources. Thanks so much! As always, your work is inspiring!!!

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