To celebrate Chinese New Year, Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco is hosting a special cooking demonstration, presented by the award-winning traditional Chinese chef, Martin Yan. The exciting (and free) cooking demo will be held on Saturday, February 11th at 2pm in the Women’s Store (Cellar Level).

Celebrate Chinese New Year at a Special Cooking Demonstration at Macy's

The cooking demo will highlight tips from Certified Master Chef, highly respected food consultant, and prolific author, Martin Yan, who is not only an expert in cooking, he’s also known by his fans for spicing up his cooking artistry and lessons with a personal ingredient: wit.

As a celebrated host of over 3,000 cooking shows, Chef Martin Yan is a certified Master Chef and has contributed his talents to 30 cookbooks. A valued instructor at top culinary institutions, including the California Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu and Johnson & Wales University, Chef Yan is also a restaurateur bringing Chinese culinary traditions and culture to light via an authentic, modern dining experience.

Learn from the master chef as he shows off his knife skills by de-boning a chicken in less than 18 seconds and then creating a delish dish. Also on hand will be M.Y. China Executive Chef Tony Wu demonstrating hand pulled noodles. In addition to the cooking demo, guests who make any $35 or more in the Home Department that day will enjoy the chance to meet Chef Yan and receive a special Gift with Purchase.

Celebrate Chinese New Year at a Special Cooking Demonstration at Macy's

To get you excited about this celebratory cooking demonstration, Martin Yan shares with us some of his favorite authentic Chinese dishes to prepare, his tips on cooking Chinese food, and what keeps this successful chef motivated and inspired.

I&C: In celebration of Chinese New Year, what types of recipes are you planning to prepare at the cooking demo?

MY: In the spirit of the Year of the Rooster,  I plan to demonstrate a stir-fry chicken dish (Firecracker Chicken) and have a whole fish (“prosperity”) on display.  We will be offering  samples of “Dan Dan Noodles” to the audience, as noodles symbolize “longevity”.

Celebrate Chinese New Year at a Special Cooking Demonstration at Macy's

I&C: Since 2017 represents “The Year of The Rooster”, are there certain types of foods or meals that are commonly cooked?

MY: For the Year of the Rooster, chicken (whole) symbolizes togetherness (completeness), particularly with family and friends. There are a number of foods which are particularly served during the New Year’s, for their symbolism. Some examples are:

Dumplings:  Togetherness

Lettuce:  Prosperity

Oranges:  Wealth, good fortune

Oysters: Good business

Rice:  Fertility

Sweets:  Good fortune,  “sweeten the new year”

Vegetables, green:  close family ties

I&C: While most Americans have visited a Chinese food restaurant at least once, we’ve often heard that authentic Chinese food is very different than Chinese-American restaurants. What are the primary differences? 

MY: Primarily in the flavor profile and choice of ingredients

I&C: What are your favorite authentic Chinese dishes to cook, and why?

MY: I particularly enjoy clay pot dishes because it can be considered a one-dish meal.

Celebrate Chinese New Year at a Special Cooking Demonstration at Macy's

I&C: What has been one of your most memorable experiences in your culinary career?

MY: I would have to say doing a cooking presentation for one of the children’s hospitals – and bringing smiles to the faces of the young courageous patients.

I&C: If you were teaching someone how to cook Chinese food (for the first time), what would you tell them?

MY: Don’t be afraid of failure – if it doesn’t come out quite right the first time, try again. Each time, you will gain more confidence.

I&C: What does “The Year of The Rooster” mean to you, personally? And how do you plan to celebrate?

MY: Each year brings a new beginning – live life to the fullest.  I celebrate the new year together with family and friends, sharing lots of good food.  I bring them to M.Y. China!!

If you’ll be in the Bay Area this weekend, make sure to swing by Macy’s on Saturday to enjoy delicious samples as chef and partner Martin Yan of M.Y. China restaurant demonstrates his approach to traditional Chinese cuisine. 

To learn more about this special Chinese New Year cooking demo, visit Macy’s event page.

How do you plan to celebrate Chinese New Year?



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[This post was brought to you by Macy’s Union Square. Image credits: Macy’s SF; Martin Yan; Pixabay.]

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