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If you’re like most people, you made a few New Year’s Resolutions this year, like getting in shape or eating better. To help you stay on track with your health and wellness goals, in collaboration with Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup and Walmarttoday’s diet & nutrition guide shares easy ways to make quick and healthy lunchtime meals that keep you energized on the go, plus easy ways to eat healthier this year.

Quick & Healthy Lunchtime Meals

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland, boring, or tasteless. If anything, it’s quite the opposite! Fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients, flavorful herbs & spices, and good-for-you recipes that keep you full, give you a boost in energy, and satiate your hunger are the keys to eating better and feeling satisfied.

Quick & Easy Lunchtime Meals To Keep You Energized On The Go - Campbell's Well Yes Soup

As a busy woman, planning ahead and meal-prepping is a way of life. When you’re limited on time and have a lot of things to do, the last thing you want to think about is what you’re going to eat. That’s why whipping up quick and healthy, portable lunchtime meals (like pre-cooked Stuffed Bell Peppers with Meat, Veggies, & Brown Rice accompanied with Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup) is a smart choice.

What makes meals like this ideal for staying healthy is that it’s chock full of nutrient-rich ingredients. As stated on, “Making a switch to a whole-foods diet – fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, legumes and healthy fats – will not only help you shed those pounds, but will also provide the nutrition that fad diets don’t offer. Whole-foods diets, for example, tend to be rich in protein and fiber, two nutrients associated with satiety and weight management.”

Lean protein (like 80/20 ground beef) not only helps to build strong muscles and keep your body toned, it also contains Vitamin B12, which is essential for keeping your bodily functions working properly.

Vegetables (such as bell peppers, onion, and garlic) contain key vitamins and minerals that are helpful in boosting your immunity, reducing your risk for disease, and giving your body the nutrients it needs to stay well.

When it comes to good carbs, fiber-rich foods (such as brown rice) not only give you a boost in energy, they also keep you feeling fuller longer, which helps satiate your appetite.

Quick & Easy Lunchtime Meals To Keep You Energized On The Go - Campbell's Well Yes Soup

Pairing an energy-boosting, flavorful meal with a healthy, hearty soup not only fills you up with good-for-you ingredients, it also satisfies your cravings for tasty foods.

Made with nutrient-rich ingredients and chicken meat (raised with no antibiotics), you can feel good knowing that Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup have no added antibiotics, artificial colors or flavors, non-BPA lining, and no preservatives. Not only do these soups have good-for-you ingredients, they also taste great.

Quick & Easy Lunchtime Meals To Keep You Energized On The Go - Campbell's Well Yes Soup

Whether you’re heading to an office or school, pre-made lunchtime meals that can be warmed up in a microwave or on a stovetop not only saves you time, it also makes eating better stress-free and effortless. 

Quick & Easy Lunchtime Meals To Keep You Energized On The Go - Campbell's Well Yes Soup

To heat up the Well Yes! Soup (which contains 2 servings), just open the can, pour the soup into a microwave-safe dish, and heat up for about 1-2 minutes in a microwave (depending on your microwave wattage). The same can be done to warm up the accompanying food, like a Stuffed Bell Pepper.

When you can heat up your lunchtime meal in just a few minutes, you can spend less time focusing on food, and more time getting on with your day. Plus, it means that you’ll eat better and make healthier food choices, giving you more energy and keeping you satiated throughout your busy day.

Quick & Easy Lunchtime Meals To Keep You Energized On The Go - Campbell's Well Yes Soup

This brand new line of Campbell’s soups come in a wide variety of flavors, such as Roasted Chicken with Wild Rice Soup (shown below), which contains chicken, corn, carrots and sweet potatoes; Minestrone with Kale, which is made with Ditalini pasta, chickpeas and a heart serving of 2/3 cup veggies; Hearty Tomato with Toasted Barley, containing red peppers, garlic and 3/4 cup veggies; and a number of other tasty flavors.

Quick & Easy Lunchtime Meals To Keep You Energized On The Go - Campbell's Well Yes Soup

Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup can be found in the soup aisle at your nearby Walmart store. To learn more and taste a sample of these delicious and nutritious soups, there will be in-store demos in select nationwide Walmart stores. To help you save money, be on the lookout for a coupon in Sunday newspapers on March 12th.

Campbells Well Yes Soups at Walmart

To learn more about Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup, check out this video and visit Campbell’s on Facebook

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