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2016 Makeup Trends & Tips from Leading Beauty Experts and Bloggers

To keep us looking fresh and current, today’s beauty guide shares 2016 makeup trends and tips from leading beauty experts and bloggers.

Whether you’re looking to update your makeup routine with a few new additions (like a glow-enhancing illuminator or a lash-boosting fiber mascara), or you’re in the mood for a total beauty overhaul, these knowledgeable beauty experts and beauty bloggers (including celebrity YouTube personalities, Teni Panosian and Arika Soto) give you the inside scoop on the ultimate 2016 makeup trends this year.

2016 Makeup Trends & Tips

From super-sparkly glitter eye makeup for special events to understated, natural looks for everyday, featured below are some of the top 2016 makeup trends that the beauty experts and beauty bloggers are loving this year.

Makeup Trend: Natural-Looking Makeup

Known by over 4 million social media followers for her glamorous style, famed Beauty Blogger and TV Personality Arika Sato (pictured below) shares with Inspirations & Celebrations her must-know secrets for how to switch up your current makeup techniques and products to do the 2016 makeup trends. As shown in her recent YouTube makeup video, she teachers viewers exactly how to get a more natural, fresh-faced look. She suggests that we “replace heavy contouring with blush, and (use) a shimmer gel eyeliner instead of heavy black smokey eyeliner”. She goes on to explain that “the new trend (for) eyebrows (will be to) look natural, and not ‘done’ with a concealer halo.”

2016 Makeup Trends & Tips from Leading Beauty Experts and Bloggers

Makeup Trend: Glitter Eye Makeup

When you want to add a little sparkle to your eyes or add a festive accent for parties and special occasions, Teni Panosian (featured below), the popular Fashion & Beauty Blogger behind, tells Inspirations & Celebrations that one of her favorite ways to play up her peepers is with glitter makeup. In her recent YouTube makeup video, she shows her 878,000 subscribers how to do glitter winged eyeliner. To get this dramatic look, she starts “with a neutral eye shadow palette, uses a clay eyeliner, and then goes back in with glitter glue and loose glitter”.

2016 Makeup Trends & Tips from Leading Beauty Experts and Bloggers

Makeup Trend: Gold Eyes & Lips

When it comes to 2016 makeup trends, the experts are saying “go for the gold” with gold makeup. This gilt-worthy trend is great for adding a hint of shine to your everyday look, or for glamming-up your face for special celebrations. Natalie Mackey (below), Beauty Expert & Co-Founder of the Winky Lux cosmetics line says that “you don’t need to invest in a bunch of new products to get a metalized pout. You can use a little clear lipgloss (like the Glossy Boss from Winky Lux “On the Rocks”) and dust over it with your most metallic shade. As for eyes, try swapping your normal crease contour color for something unexpected. Replace a traditional brown with an intense rose color instead. It is a modern play on a flattering technique that has been around since the dawn of makeup.”

2016 Makeup Trends & Tips from Leading Beauty Experts and Bloggers

Makeup Trend: Highlighting

As the Owner, Cosmetic Formulator, and Senior Makeup Artist for Brazen CosmeticsSandria Haney (below) is an accomplished makeup artist whose organic makeup products are sold in Whole Foods and salons around the country. One of the most face-flattering 2016 makeup trends is a technique called “strobing”, also known as “highlighting”.

She tells us, “this year will bring an end to the heavy Kardashian-esque contour, and focus more on highlighting and glowing skin. Instead of using bronzer shades darker than skin, I suggest using a powder foundation (one shade darker) to lightly sweep along the jawline and under the cheeks. Then use a pearl finish ivory shadow or highlighter on the bridge of the nose and above the cheek bones. I also love to dot a little on the inner corner of the eyes for a bright-eyed look that is a welcome change in this winter.”

2016 Makeup Trends & Tips from Leading Beauty Experts and Bloggers

Must-Know Makeup Tips:

To help us master the 2016 makeup trends, Cristina Bartolucci (shown below), Celebrity Makeup Artist & Founder of PeekBeauty teaches us her tricks to finding the perfect makeup products and cosmetics’ colors. Having worked on countless celebs’ famous faces for film and television (including Uma Thurman, Keri Russell, Elizabeth Hurley, and more), she definitely knows how to create flawless makeup looks.

“When you look at a palette in the store, the colors are the first thing you notice, but that should not be the only way that you make your decision. Test the textures. For cheek color, if it is powder, it should be a nice sheer application; not too bright or too shimmery. A cream blush can have more intensity because you will be blending it out.”

“For lips, test on your hand. If it is super oily, it will bleed. Too powdery, and it may look cakey on the lips. You want that nice balance.”

“When it comes to color, trust yourself. You know what looks good on you and you will generally be attracted to things that do. You should have an ‘Oh I love that!’ reaction to at least three quarters of the colors. You won’t love every one, but that’s ok.”

2016 Makeup Trends & Tips from Leading Beauty Experts and Bloggers

To learn more makeup tips and tricks, check out the easy-to-follow makeup guides and tutorials on Inspirations & Celebrations.

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[Images courtesy of Arika Sato, Teni Panosian, Natalie Mackey, Sandria Haney, and Cristina Bartolucci. Disclosure: Affiliate links included.]

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