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5 Fabulous Fall Beauty Trends

From high-shine metallic eye makeup that sparkles in the light to gorgeous, glowing skin that looks radiant, here are 5 Fabulous Fall Beauty Trends to try this season.

If you’re a woman that enjoys playing with cosmetics, and can spend hours browsing through Sephora or ULTA, then this is a must-read article for you. Or, alternatively, if you’re just tired of doing the same makeup routine everyday, and want to try something exciting and different, here are some fun (and wearable) fall beauty trends that are easy to do.

Fall Beauty Trends

Radiant Skin: The key to getting radiant skin is to use the right types of products. To minimize the look of imperfections, pores, and fine lines, always apply a skin primer (give it about 60 seconds to settle). This not only helps create a virtually perfect canvas to apply face makeup, it also helps give longevity to your makeup, making it last longer throughout the day. Next, apply a skin-perfecting BB Cream for flawless coverage (without looking cakey or unnatural). The trick to making your skin really glow is to use a highlighter (otherwise called an illuminator); apply to the tops of your cheekbones and on your brow bone. This helps to catch the light, giving your skin a gorgeous, radiant glow.

Metallic Eye Makeup: If you’re bored with basic black eyeliner for nighttime, opt for a little splash of pizazz with metallic eye makeup. As one of the season’s hottest fall beauty trends, this look is anything but ordinary. To ensure your metallic eye makeup doesn’t crease or smudge, start with an eye primer first. You can use either a glittered powder eyeshadow, metallic eye liner, or a cream or gel-based metallic eye shadow, depending on the look you’re going for. Coppers, silvers, and bronzes are gorgeous hues to try, especially for creating an on-trend smoky eye look.

Colored Eye Makeup: This season, bright colors are totally in style when it comes to fall beauty trends. Whether you want to add a little vibrance to your eyes (with a wash of translucent color), or you want to make your look dramatic and eye-catching, colored eye makeup is a fun makeup trend to try. If you’re on the conservative side, and just want to try this look, opt for a colored eye liner (jewel-tone hues are flattering for most skin tones and eye colors). Or, if you dare to be different, go all out with a highly-pigmented swipe of colored eyeshadow all over your lids. Purple hues look great on brown eyes; amber and burgundy tones are beautiful on green eyes; and coppers or oranges look spectacular on blue eyes.

Lush Eyelashes: It’s time to bat those eyelashes, ladies! Lush eyelashes are one of the season’s most sensuous fall beauty trends. Play up your natural eyelashes by making them appear thicker, darker, and longer with a lash-plumping mascara. For a fuller effect, use one of the new fiber-based lash enhancers to magically make your lashes look thicker and longer. And for full-out drama, add false eyelashes (either in a strip form, or individual inserts) for the ultimate effect.

Neutral Makeup: Last, but certainly not least, is the neutral makeup trend. The natural beauty look doesn’t have to mean looking washed-out or plain. If anything, neutral makeup can be very beautiful and sexy. This look is a great opportunity to play with highlighting and contouring techniques, to give your face a more sculpted, angular appearance. In addition, nude lips look super-sexy with a high-wattage lipgloss on top.

5 Fabulous Fall Beauty Trends

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