How To Get Organized - 5 Easy Ways To De-Clutter Your Home

It’s always beneficial to get organized and clean up our living environments, no matter what time of year it is. Learning how to get organized (and keep our homes tidy and orderly) not only makes our dwellings more visually attractive and calming to live in, it also helps us become more efficient with time management, more productive, and more clear-minded.

5 Expert Tips on How To Get Organized

To help us get organized, today’s guide features 5 leading home organization experts and their ultimate tips on easy ways to de-clutter your home.

1. Simplify: As a professional organizer and author of the book, ClutterFree Revolution: Simplify Your Stuff, Organize Your Life & Save the World, Evan Michael Zislis instructs us to “purge anything that is not absolutely essential to who you want to be and what you want to do. We do this in 4 sub-steps: what’s trash, recyclable, thrift or giftable, and consignable. Get those things gone!”

2. Clean Your Closets: One of the organizational experts at Closets by Design, a national home storage and organization company, Sandra Sokol tells us, “at least once a year, you should give your closet a complete cleaning. Wash or vacuum the floor and dust the shelving and walls of your closet so your space is clean. After the closet is dust bunny-free, efficiently store your summer clothes away for the season in clear containers while also re-organizing the space to make room for bulky sweaters, coats, and boots. Consider adding multiple tension rods at different heights and install hooks to utilize vertical space.”

3. Love It or Let It Go: As an eco-shui design consultant, author, and speaker, DeAnna Radaj believes our belongings can affect our emotional well-being. She says, “if you don’t love it, use it or need it….it’s got to go! If you don’t have a positive emotion attached to an item, get rid of it. If you don’t use the item, but only have it because you think you should, get rid of it.” Based on feng shui principles, Radaj says that “there is a correlation to where your clutter is, (the) issues we have in life, (and where) may be blocked.”

4. Take Stock of Your Belongings: As the co-founder of HomeZada, a cloud-based home improvement and organizational software tool, Elizabeth Dodson helps us get organized and stay on budget by encouraging us to, “track the items you have decided to keep by taking a home inventory. (This) can help you identify what you have, and while shopping, you can avoid making similar purchases. This will remind you to stay clutter-free, and also allow you to manage your budgets.”

5. Start Small & Go Slow: Since we often get overwhelmed tackling home organization projects (since they can be time-consuming and laborious), Lauren Williams, a professional home organizer and the owner of Casual Uncluttering, says we should start small and go slow. “Set a timer for only a few minutes each day, only work on one shelf, or a corner of the room, or just one kind of item. When people pace themselves, they can build on the progress, emotionally and physically, and practice the skills they are acquiring without exhausting themselves and becoming resentful.”

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