Beauty Buzz ~ Spring Makeup Trends

The Beauty Buzz is out! Spring 2013 is all about evoking the feeling of freshness, vibrancy, and youthfulness. And what better way to jump-start a new season than with bright, bold, colorful makeup?!


As we start the slow transition from winter to spring, we leave behind dark earth tones and mysterious burgundy shades, in an effort to embrace refreshingly playful hues. From royal purple shades to hot pink hues to sultry greens, a fun beauty trend that’s taking over the runways this season is that of colorful eye makeup.


Wondering how to pull-off this bold and beautiful look without resembling a clown? The key is to stick with one color (rather than trying a rainbow of shades on your lids). If you’d prefer to test out this beauty trend (without jumping straight into the deep-end), opt for a more sheer application, or try a neutral base on your lids paired with a colored eyeliner. If you’re on the bold side, stick with a metallic opaque shadow or jumbo eyeliner, used to rim your eyes.


Featured here are several makeup palettes and liners to help you achieve this magical, whimsical look.

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