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What To Wear To Del Mar Opening Day

From flamboyant hats to elegant suits and show-stopping dresses, the Nubry fashion bloggers share their style tips for what to wear to Del Mar Opening Day. As one of the premiere annual summer events in Southern California’s desirable San Diego area, the Del Mar Opening Day party at the Del Mar Race Track is the ultimate see-and-be-seen special occasion that warrants a head-turning ensemble.

“Since the legendary days of Hollywood’s golden years, Del Mar has been the destination of choice for many a movie star as well as those with a taste for fast horses, beautiful beaches and award-winning cuisine.” [Source:]

What To Wear To Del Mar Opening Day

The glamorous fashion bloggers behind Nubry (a popular San Diego-based lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blog), Britt Hackman and Gretch Hackmann share with the Inspirations & Celebrations‘ readers their best style tips for what to wear to Del Mar Opening Day. The same style rules could apply to the world famous Kentucky Derby and other upscale horse racing events.

What To Wear To Del Mar Opening Day

Choosing A Fabulous Hat for Del Mar Opening Day

“Your hat is where it all begins. They say to design your hat first and then look for the right dress to match your perfect work of art. If you choose not to coordinate your headwear with your dress, make sure the palettes you choose look pretty together. If wearing a printed dress, wear a hat or fascinator in a tone that matches one of the colors in your dress.”

Choosing a Fabulous Outfit for Del Mar Opening Day

For decades, the Del Mar Race Track has been a place for the Southern California social elite to galavant around in their finest attire, while enjoying a thrilling horserace spectacle and elegant festivities. As outlined by the Del Mar Turf Club (relative to appropriate Del Mar Opening Day attire), “suits or daytime dresses are preferred; slacks may be worn with a tailored jacket.”

What To Wear To Del Mar Opening Day

To help you look stylish and on-trend while fitting in with the other race goers, the Nubry fashion bloggers exclaim, “style has evolved since 1920, but style at the racetrack still has that air of sophistication and elegance. Wear materials that breathe as it’s hot under the summer sun. You’ll be eating and drinking all day, keep that in mind when choosing how tight your dress should be.”

The gals suggest daytime cocktail dresses that are sleeveless or short-sleeved, that are knee-length (or slightly above the knee). Flirty fit & flare dresses or sophisticated sheath dresses are highly recommended styles to wear to Del Mar Opening Day. And, most importantly, to ensure you stay cool from day-to-night, opt for breathable fabrics.

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