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5 Tips for Creating Happy Relationships

From establishing an open line of communication and having compassion for the other person, to focusing on the positive and practicing forgiveness, featured here are 5 tips for creating happy relationships that last.

Maintaining happy relationships definitely takes effort, but shouldn’t be viewed as hard work. Developing happy relationships (both romantic and platonic) have been scientifically proven to help increase longevity, help you feel personally fulfilled, and create a more satisfying, joy-filled life. “Studies and experts agree: having a caring and loving relationship can lead to a healthier, happier and longer life.” [Source: Natural News]

But so often, the very people that we want to create long-lasting, mutually-rewarding relationships with often cause us pain, sadness, or frustration. Different viewpoints, behavioral conditioning, and established patterns can often lead to miscommunication, discord, and tumultuous experiences within our relationships. But, fortunately, there are steps we can take to help create happy relationships that weather the storms.

5 Tips For Creating Happy Relationships

1. FORGIVENESS: There’s a wonderful quote I often remind myself of when I am feeling angry with or hurt by someone. “If you knew everything about everyone, you’d forgive everyone for everything.” It’s so true!

We don’t always know why someone acts the way they do (it could be due to a current situation they’re dealing with, or it possibly is a result from early painful experiences they had). And, more often than not, their behavior toward us really has nothing to do with us; we’re simply a trigger or catalyst for some kind of pain internally that they have not dealt with or resolved.

To help create peace in your relationships, practice forgiveness regularly.

2. COMPASSION: When you feel distance from someone, it’s a perfect opportunity to act compassionately toward them. Imagine what life might be like from their perspective.

Ask yourself some key questions about who they fundamentally are. How did they grow up (and what types of experiences might have had a lasting impression on them, either positively or negatively)? What are they going through now? What might their internal programming or learned behavioral patterns be? The answers to these vital questions will help show you why another person is how they are, and thereby, how to best relate to or respond to them.

3. COMMUNICATION: With so much technology to enable us to communicate with each other, it seems like people are more prone to having superficial chats (via text message or social media) nowadays, versus having in-depth conversation that actually bring people closer.

To create happy relationships (with friends, family, or lovers), establishing an open, honest line of communication is critically important. Never be afraid to share your truth, feelings, and thoughts with other people. You can never expect people to fully understand you or how you feel unless you explain these thoughts to them.

4. ENCOURAGEMENT: An important reason for having relationships in your life is to give you a support system to empowers and motivates you to become a better person. Focus on boosting the morale and self-esteem of the people you love and care about by encouraging them to follow their dreams, pursue their goals, and become the person they long to be.

5. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE: When we get close to people, we learn all about their personality traits and character (both good and bad). Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects or things you wish someone would change, focus on the positive sides of who they are. This will help catalyze an internal transformation in a more harmonious manner, by drawing out the positive parts of their personality and behavior by focusing on them.

By following the above five tips, you will help create long-lasting, loving, happy relationships in your life that make you and your loved ones feel more fulfilled, cared for, and supported.

What tips do you have for creating happy relationships?

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