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5 Fabulous Haircare Secrets

From hair color retention to quick fixes that instantly add mega-watt volume, high-gloss shine, and gorgeous body, featured here are 5 fabulous haircare secrets that you need to know. Whether you’re tired of dealing with dry, frizzy, damaged hair, or you want to increase the longevity of your hair color in-between visits to the salon, this beauty guide shares must-read haircare secrets that the experts know.

Haircare Secrets

Problem: Damaged, Frizzy Hair

Solution: Frustrated with hair that doesn’t want to be manageable, look smooth, or is always prone to frizz? There are solutions that can help treat this problem. While it’s true that humidity can instantly make your hair frizz (remember that hilarious episode of Friends when Monica’s hair kept getting frizzier?). While moisture appears to be the enemy, in truth, it’s not. One of the best haircare secrets you could learn is that dry, parched, damaged hair is actually in desperate need of moisture.

To help fix this hair problem, you need a deep conditioning mask (used at least 1-2x per week) to add back essential emollients into the hair shaft. After using a deep conditioning mask one time, you will notice that your hair feels softer and looks smoother. By using these products repeatedly over the course of several weeks, your damaged hair will become more manageable and less prone to frizz.

Problem: Hair Color Fading

Solution: When hair is freshly colored (either by a professional hair stylist or at-home), it looks vibrant, rich, and beautiful. But, over the course of the next few weeks, you will start to notice that the hair color begins to fade, looking more dull and less vivid. Fortunately, with the proper haircare treatments and products, you can minimize hair color fading.

To help keep your hair color looking as good as the day you treated it, always apply a UV-protectant (in the form of a cream or spray) to your hair when it is damp (prior to blow-drying and styling). This coats your hair strands, making it less vulnerable to the elements, especially the damaging (and color-changing) rays of the Sun. This is probably one of the most important haircare secrets that your stylist could ever tell you.

Problem: Extending the Life of a Blowout

Solution: When you spend the time (and money) to get your hair blown-out at a salon, or you take the extra steps necessary to do the job at home, the last thing you want is to go through the process the day (or two) after. Fortunately, you can extend the life of a blowout by using the right haircare products.

Dry shampoo (which generally comes in a spray form), is going to become your hair’s next best friend. The day (or two) after you blowout and style your hair, spritz dry shampoo on your roots and around your hairline. Allow the product to stay on your hair for a few minutes (which gives it time to absorb the natural oils). Then tousle your hair with your fingers or brush through. Not only will this give your hair some added volume at the crown, it will make your hair look (and smell) fresh, thereby extending the life of your blowout. Dry shampoo is definitely one of the most fabulous haircare secrets you could have.

Problem: Dull, Dry-looking Hair

Solution: If you’re frustrated with your hair because it never looks shiny, don’t blame your hair. There are ways to fix this hair problem, and to get the mega-watt shine and gloss you covet.

While Silicone-based hair products instantly add shine to your hair (by coating the strands with a gloss-boosting treatment), these are quick-fixes for dull, dry-looking hair. Another haircare treatment that not only adds shine, but also helps improve the texture and health of your hair over the course of time, is an oil-based haircare treatment (like Moroccanoil). You apply these haircare products to your hair while damp or dry, focusing on the mid-shaft through the ends. These haircare products smooth the cuticle, adding a glossy, reflective quality to your hair.

Problem: Flat, Limp, or Thin Hair

Solution: Do you suffer from flat, limp, or thin hair? Have no fear! There are remedies to help deal with this hair problem. Without relying on hair extensions or hair-growth treatments (like Rogaine), you can quickly get the look of fuller, more voluminous hair by using the right haircare products.

Start with a volumizing shampoo to help plump up the hair follicle (making it look thicker). Then apply a light-weight, volume-boosting mousse to your roots when your hair is damp (directly before styling with a blowdryer). Bend over and turn your head upside down when blow-drying your roots to instantly makes your hair look fuller. You’ll immediately notice that your hair looks fuller and thicker.

5 Fabulous Haircare Secrets

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  1. Awesome! I am getting my first in-salon blowout this week and I’m so excited! I just don’t want to waste my money, because my hair tends to get greasy fast. Do you have a fave dry shampoo to recommend?

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