Picture Perfect ~ The Best Blowout
All women want silky, gorgeous hair… but going through the process to achieve those results can sometimes be daunting (for those of us who haven’t gone through Beauty School). Every time I see my hairdresser, I ask questions. Not only does it make the time spent at the salon pass by more quickly, but I’m also learning valuable tips and techniques from an expert whose opinion and counsel I trust. In a recent trip to the salon, I learned how to achieve the perfect blowout for your hair. Here’s the secret!
1. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, spray a thermal heat protectant onto  your damp hair. This will help protect your hair from potential damage from a blowdryer or heated styling tool (such as rollers, a curling iron or flat iron), and will also add gloss and sheen to your hair. 
2. Next gently comb through your damp, treated hair with a wide tooth comb. Never use a brush when it’s wet, because the bristles can damage the delicate hair when it’s in this state. 
3. Using a high quality ionic hairdryer (on a warm setting), start blowdrying the hair with the nozzle (attachment) facing down the shaft of the hair. This will help the cuticle lay flat, which prevents frizz and makes hair look shinier (since smoothed cuticles reflect light better). 
4. After your hair is partially dry, clip the hair in multiple sections, and while using a boar bristle round brush to gently brush the hair downward, start by concentrating the hairdryer on the underneath half section of the hair, focusing on drying the roots thoroughly before getting to the ends. As the hair gets dryer, you can pull the hair more taut with the round brush, which helps smooth and straighten the hair.
5. Continue this blowdrying method throughout the rest of your hair, focusing on smaller sections, ensuring they are completely dry (especially at the roots). This will help smooth your hair, resulting in a better blowout that lasts longer.
6. As a final touch, add a small amount of styling cream or my favorite (Moroccanoil) to your dry hair to create touchably soft, sleek hair that’s picture perfect.

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