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Fabulous Finds Beauty Edition - Haircare and Skincare Products for Spring

From hydrating haircare products that repair damaged hair to transformative skincare products that make your skin look radiant and youthful, this edition of “Fabulous Finds” features must-have haircare and skincare products for Spring.

Since Spring is a time of renewal and change, why not shake up your haircare and skincare routine with innovative, new products that will boost your natural beauty? Whether you need to slough away dead skin cells to reveal healthy, fresh skin below, or you want to add luster and shine to your dull, dry hair, these haircare and skincare products will help you get your hair and skin in shape just in time for Spring.

Haircare & Skincare Products for Spring

Haircare Products:

Has winter wreaked havoc on your delicate hair? Are you finding more split-ends and damaged strands, due to harsh weather conditions, forced central heating, or over-styling? Then you need to repair your hair with these moisture-rich haircare products that contain essential nutrients and emollients.

Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo & Conditioner: If you have color-treated hair that often shows signs of damage (such as frizz or dryness), then this is the miracle shampoo and conditioner duo for you. by using these haircare products on a regular basis, your hair will become more manageable, smoother, and softer. In addition, your color will appear more vibrant and richer, as it doesn’t strip the color from your hair. Not to mention, these haircare products smell great and boost shine.

Hair La Vie Revitalize Shampoo & Conditioner: Getting healthy, beautiful hair starts with the scalp. That’s why Hair La Vie developed the Revitalize Shampoo & Conditioner duo. These haircare products cleanse your scalp, while providing deep hydration, repairing any visible signs of damage, and leaving hair feeling soft and silky.

StriVectin Hair Ultimate Restore Starter Trio: If your hair is noticeably damaged, it needs extra TLC. To get your hair back into great shape, the StriVectin Hair Ultimate Restore Starter Trio includes Shampoo, Conditioner, and a Hair Mask that are ideal for damaged or thinning hair. These products were created to help revitalize from root to tip. The pH-balanced shampoo cleanses and soothes with natural oils, while the conditioner and hair mask mend damaged strands and protect against future damage.

Skincare Products:

Does your skin appear dull, chapped, or aged? Perhaps the winter weather took a toll on your face, making it dry, wrinkled, or lacking any radiance. To get your skin ready for Spring, it’s time to take matters into your own hands with these skincare products that add a healthy glow, minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and brighten your skin.

Jan Marini Marini Luminate Face Lotion: Do you struggle with sun spots and discoloration? If so, this revolutionary skincare product is an essential must-have for your skincare regimen. After a few days of use, you will notice improved radiance, a brighter complexion, and less noticeable pigmentation problems. In addition, this face lotion is gentle enough for sensitive skin, and it doesn’t cause redness or other adverse reactions (when used a couple times per week).

Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare Calm Vitamin A Serum: Vitamin A has long been heralded as the must-have skincare ingredient for a youthful complexion, which is why it’s the key ingredient in this must-have skincare product. Not only does it stimulate the production of collagen (which helps to naturally minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), it also helps to prevent and heal acne flare-ups and add a healthy, radiant glow to skin. This skincare product is best used a few times a week (at night), so that the skin gets accustomed to it. As your skin gets used to the product, you can use it more frequently. With use over a few weeks, your skin will become younger-looking and more beautiful.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water: Do you often find yourself tired at the end of a day, and wish you could just skip your nighttime cleansing routine and just hop into bed? Now you can! This innovative skincare product not only removes all traces of makeup (even waterproof makeup), it also gently cleanses and moisturizes skin. “Like a magnet, micelles capture and lift away dirt, oil and makeup without harsh rubbing, leaving skin perfectly clean, hydrated and refreshed without over-drying.”

Arithmetic Acne Control Complex: If you are tired of combating blemishes, take control of your skin and eradicate the problem. This skincare product contains acne-fighting benzoyl peroxide that is strong enough to battle zits, but gentle enough for skin (as it contains premium ingredients that soothe and hydrate skin), so that you don’t end up with red, chapped, or flaky (unlike other anti-acne skincare products). Refinery 29 says “this stuff is amazing”, while Women’s Health calls it “perfect for sensitive skin”. Whether you’re 20 or 40, there’s no reason to live with acne breakouts; just banish them.

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