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Spring 2013 Home Decor Trend: Geometric Designs

The world of interior design is as fast-paced and evolutionary as the fashion industry. One season a trend is in; the next season, it’s out. A dynamic and lively Spring 2013 Home Decor Trend that is taking over homes everywhere incorporates geometric designs.

Geometric prints (such as hexagons, polyhedrons, and repeated patterns) in earth-tones and bold hues are being seen everywhere right now, from rugs to furniture and artwork to accessories.

The key to combining these eye-catching patterns is to balance the color scheme (by mostly using neutral tones, mixed in with strategically placed shots of bright color). In addition, it’s especially helpful to use prints that mimic each other. This creates a sense of continuity, rather than chaos.

If you’re a bit concerned that this striking interior design trend will take-over your house, and become overwhelming to your senses… have no fear! There’s a simple solution. By adding a few key pieces into your home (like graphic wall art, imprinted storage boxes, or a few patterned throw pillows), you can subtly spice up the look and feel of your house with geometric designs.

This home decor trend is a modern approach to creating a cozy, yet contemporary, living space.

Featured here are several home furnishings and accessories that play on this daring home decor trend, and add a sense of novelty and vivaciousness to your living environment.

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