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Neon Decor - Home Decorating Trend

Neon decor offers a zest of color, a splash of novelty, and a splice of liveliness to a house. This zany and playful home decor trend is a fabulous way to infuse the essence of summer into your home. Because, really… why should your wardrobe have all the fun this season?

Most people would think that neon decor can only be used in conjunction with a modern interior design theme. However, that’s not necessarily true. The juxtaposition of traditional furniture mixed with contemporary accents and artwork adds an unexpected twist that surprisingly works.

The key to adding neon colored decorations into your home is to use them sparingly and with purpose. Highlighting focal points (such as pop art for your walls, serving bowls in bold colors, and throw pillows in fun patterns) is the easiest way to incorporate neon decor into your home, without going overboard.

By combining neutral colored furniture (as your major investment pieces) with neon decor, you get the best of both worlds. The neutral toned pieces (like sofas, lamps, and curtains) serve as a timeless backdrop to the eye-catching, trendy neon hued accessories that get mixed in. As the seasons change, you can just as easily replace the neon colored decorative accents with deeper hued pieces that reflect a new mood and time of year.


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    • Christina-Lauren says:

      Hi Martha! Whether you have a white, gray, or tan colored sofa, they’d all go nicely with neon colored accessories, like throw pillows and blankets.

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