How To Create Perfect Eyebrows - Beauty Tutorial

If eyes are like the windows to the soul, then you could say that eyebrows are the curtains. An often overlooked part of the face, lately eyebrows have been getting a lot of recognition and acclaim (thanks to Supermodel Cara Delevingne and Actress Lily Collins). From tweezing to defining, if you want perfect eyebrows, this easy-to-follow beauty tutorial shows how to create sculpted brows that instantly make you look gorgeous.

Perfect Eyebrows

When done properly, eyebrows have the ability to transform the look of your facial features in a positive way. When your eyebrows are defined and perfected, they can help bring a symmetry and balance to your face, in addition to creating a finished, polished appearance. From thick, natural-looking eyebrows to picture-perfect, sculpted brows, there are a variety of shapes that can be created with the right tools and products.

1. To start, you will need to pluck stray hairs around your eyebrows using a slanted tweezer. Place a pencil on a vertical angle, directly adjacent to the side of your nose, leading up toward the inner part of your eyebrow. This gives you a visual cue about where your eyebrow should start. If you have random hairs in between your eyebrows, this is where to start tweezing.

2. To sculpt the shape of your eyebrows, tweeze the hairs directly below your eyebrows, in an effort to create a slight arch. To figure out where the highest part of your arch should be, take the pencil and place it on a diagonal angle, leading from your nostril through the pupil of your eye. Where the pencil touches your eyebrow shows you where the peak of your arch should be. Keep in mind that the fullest part of your eyebrow should be inner corner, tapering out toward the tail of your brow.

3. To create a defined look, using a smear-proof, long-lasting eyebrow pencil (one or two shades lighter than your hair color), lightly draw a line on the lower edge of your eyebrows, starting from the inner corner and leading outwards, through the tail. Next, draw a line (starting 1/4 way in) on the top edge of your eyebrows, again leading toward the tail. Using light, feathery strokes, slightly fill in your eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil, focusing on the arch and tail. At this point, the eyebrows should look defined, but not finished.

4. Using a spoolie, gently brush the eyebrows to blend the pencil for a more natural look.

5. Using a stiff, angled brush, fill-in your eyebrows with a brow powder. This not only helps give your eyebrows a finished appearance, it also acts as a setting powder, to ensure your eyebrow makeup doesn’t melt off throughout the day.

6. To finish the process, lightly apply an eyebrow gel (which resembles a mascara wand) to the brows, brushing your hairs into place. This adds a natural, healthy-looking shine to your brows, and also keeps the hairs in place.

How To Create Perfect Eyebrows

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