Decor Inspiration Tropical Paradise

With summer upon us, people are jumping on airplanes more frequently than ever, heading to tropical paradise destinations for some fun in the sun.

From comfortable chairs and earthy, rustic furnishings, to decorative accessories that are reminiscent of an exotic location and vases that resemble the aqua blue waters of the ocean, featured here are several home decor pieces that will instantly transport you to a paradise destination.

Tropical Decor

When shopping for tropical decor accessories and furniture, focus on finding natural looking pieces (like burlap and driftwood furniture with handwoven finishes) and decorative items that reflect a seaside lifestyle. Everything from artwork depicting a tranquil coastal landscape to seashell embroidered pillows are perfect pieces that instantly add that sense of exotic decor without going overboard or looking kitschy.

Also, bringing in items that evoke the colors of an island (such as earthy browns, lush greens, and vibrant blues) adds a relaxing, paradise inspired touch to your home decor.

Whether you’re planning a summer vacation on a lush tropical island, or you just wish you could capture the essence of a relaxing paradise and take it with you, by adding tropical inspired decor to your home is the easiest way to bring a piece of paradise home.


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