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Summer Nail Trends

From vibrant brights and nearly glowing neons to romantic pastels and next-to-nude neutrals (that are anything but boring), here are the hottest 2014 Summer Nail Trends to try this season.

4 Summer Nail Trends

Bright Nails

Without having to hop on a plane to head to a faraway tropical island, it’s only second nature to take a cue from paradise this summer with bold, bright nails decked out in the season’s hottest hues. From playful hot pinks to daring turquoise blues, no bright color is off limits this summer when it comes to manicures and pedicures.

To give your nails a modern look, keep them squared off and on the shorter side. Make sure to add a fast-drying, high gloss top coat to increase the length of wear and to give your nails a salon-worthy finish.

Neon Nails

Without having to spend thousands on a new wardrobe, shake things up this season by trying the outrageous neon nails trend. Ranging from fluorescent fuchsias to glow-in-the-dark limes, neon nails are the ultimate way to stand out this summer. Try adding a decorative decal for an artistic flair. InStyle beauty editors recommend applying “a layer of white nail polish before the bright hue for a more saturated color.”

Pastel Nails

A whole lot of sweet mixed with feminine sensuality, pastel nails are one of the most fabulous summer nail trends this year. Instead of just wearing pastel pink polish (with a hint of shimmer), why not contemporize the look with a milky, opaque version instead?! If you like to add diversity into the mix of manicure options, try lovely lilacs, lavenders, aquas, or baby blues.

Neutral Nails

Last, but certainly not least, are classic neutral nails. These wear-with-anything nude shades are the perfect way to look polished and ladylike. From sheer nudes to opaque beige tones, neutral nail polish always makes you look pulled-together, without trying too hard. Not to mention, they are appropriate for conservative work environments, and never conflict with your outfits or make-up.

The tricky part with neutral nails is that they can often times look streaky or show imperfections in your nails. The secret is to buff your nails first (to smooth them out) and then to apply a ridge filler on top of the base coat. What’s especially great about neutral nails is that they can be worn short or long, rounded or squared. So, however you prefer to shape your nails, neutral nails look good on all types.

Whether you love the drama of bright colors or the understated elegance of neutrals, if you try any of these four popular summer nail trends, you’ll be in for a treat this season.

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