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Holiday Beauty Trends Makeup Hair Nails

From kissable lips and romantic hair to chic makeup and dramatic nails, here are 3 must-try holiday beauty looks for glamorous, party-ready makeup, hair, and nails. The holiday season is the perfect time to add a splash of color, a hint of sparkle, and an alluring touch to any holiday beauty look. So be daring this year by trying these gorgeous holiday beauty trends.

Holiday Beauty Trends


Holiday Beauty Trends - Makeup
Holiday Makeup Trend: Nude Lips & Smoky Eyes

A classic pairing if there ever was one – the juxtaposition of dramatic, smoky eyes combined with naturally-enhanced nude lips is always a chic way to ring in the holidays.

When there’s Mistletoe in every door way, you’ll want to look kissably beautiful at all times. To keep your pout looking pucker-ready, creamy nudes and high-shine nude lip glosses are the way to go. Fair skin tones look best in pink-hued nude lip colors, while darker skin tones look great in beige and taupe shades.

When it comes to sensual-looking eye makeup, smoky eyes are always in style. This universally-flattering holiday beauty look is a winning combo of mysterious sex appeal mixed with a bit of edge. To mix things up, instead of opting for a traditional charcoal or black rimmed eye, go for deep metallic eye makeup. Bronzes, golds, and silvery hues instantly up the wow factor of this gorgeous holiday beauty look.


Holiday Beauty Trends - Hair

Holiday Hair Trend: Romantic Soft Curls

With New Year’s Eve fast-approaching, now’s the time to play with holiday-ready hairstyles that evoke romance, femininity, and charm.

Romantic, soft curls are an easy, effortless way to style your hair for any special occasion or holiday gathering. This hairstyle is appropriate for family dinners, office parties, and even upscale holiday soirees. Instead of creating picture-perfect barrel curls (with a curling iron and hairspray), this holiday beauty trend is more relaxed-looking.

Start with adding volumizing mousse to your damp your, focusing on the crown. Using a hairdryer, blow-dry with a round thermal brush (to smooth the cuticle and straighten the hair). Then use large hot rollers all over your hair, to create soft curls. After taking the rollers out, let the hair cool for about a minute before touching. Gently rake your fingers through the curls, and lightly apply a shine-boosting hair product from the mid-shaft through the ends.


Holiday Beauty Trends - Nails

Holiday Nail Trend: Dark Nails

While most women tend to rely on bright red nails as their go-to manicure of choice during the holidays, a cool and dramatic way to change things up this season is with dark nails. From deep purples to sultry bordeaux colors, dark nails are a fabulous alternative to neutral colored nails or vibrant red tips.

 This holiday beauty trend is not only eye-catching and fashion-forward, it’s also surprisingly versatile. It’s easy to wear dark nails with everything in your wardrobe, as they go with pastels, neutrals, and bright colors.

An updated way to wear dark nails this holiday season is to keep your finger nails short and squared off, or to create an oblong (almond) shape. Always start by filing and buffing your nails, to smooth the edges and surface. Then apply a base coat (to help your nail polish wear longer). Two coats of dark nail polish is all that’s needed. Then finish with a high-gloss top coat.

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