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White Nail Polish Beauty Trend

White nail polish has become a white-hot beauty trend this summer, due to it’s contemporary update to the classic manicure. Over the past year, we’ve been inundated with explosions of color, a myriad of textures, and an array of patterns (and I’m just talking about nail art). It’s refreshing to have a change of pace this season with such a clean and modern look.

White nail polish looks fantastic in combination with summer’s vibrant colored apparel and accessories. But achieving arctic-white perfection can be a little challenging. Featured here are tips on how to properly apply white nail polish.

How To Apply White Nail Polish

1. To ensure a long-wearing, chip-resistant manicure, always start by applying a base coat. The color adhesive and primer formula (contained within the base coat) helps bond polish to the nail surface to resist chipping and protect color wear.

2. White nail polish (or pastel-colored nail polish in general) can be tricky to wear, since it tends to show every ridge, imperfection, and streak. That’s why it’s important to use a ridge filler, to smooth the surface of your nails. Allow the ridge filler to thoroughly dry before moving on to the next step.

3. Next apply a thin layer of opaque, matte white nail polish to each finger. Allow about 5 minutes for this first coat to dry. Apply one to two more coats of nail polish (depending on how opaque you want your manicure to look).

4. After your nails completely dry, add a high-gloss top coat. High shine top lacquer helps you achieve a mirror-like shine, maintaining the color and lengthening the wear of your favorite shade. This will give your manicure longevity and a finished, salon-worthy look.

For the most on-trend manicure, stick with matte, opaque white nail polish (instead of sheer, shimmery, or opalescent versions). In addition, white nail polish looks especially contemporary on short, square-shaped nails (as opposed to longer, rounded tips).

Featured here are some of the best white nail polishes on the market.


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  1. The white nail polish trend must be something that is very recent. Before it was corals and metallics, white seems to be the august trend, looking forward to what’s coming up for back-to-school!

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