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Winter 2014 Nail Trends

Nail trends over the past few years have run the gamut from barely-there nudes and neutrals to over-the-top nail art (including jewel-encrusted tips and decadent caviar overlays). As evidenced by the recent celebrity sightings at all the recent Hollywood award shows (like the Golden Globes and Peoples Choice Awards), it seems as though the winter nail trends that have been dominating the celebrity style scene have become more subdued than in past seasons. Featured here are three fabulous nail trends to try this season, and tips on how to create these looks.

Nail Trends for Winter 2014

Metallic Nail Trend

Metallic nails can be daring and bold when done in a vivid hue like deep purple or royal blue, or they can act as a glamorous neutral when done in a bronze, gold, or silver tone. Metallic nail polish comes in a variety of options, including highly reflective chrome-looking nail strips (which are pre-shaped stickers that you simply adhere to your bare nails), glittery nail polishes (which add holographic sparkle to your manicure), and shimmery nail polishes (which are a little less dramatic than the other options).

To make your metallic nails really noticeable, it’s best to apply a coat of glittery nail polish over a coat of opaque, matte nail polish. The reason is because many glittery nail polishes tend to have a translucent appearance. If you apply just the glittery nail polish, your manicure will be less dramatic. Keep in mind that reflective nail polishes (like metallics) tend to also show marks, scratches, and chips more easily. So make sure to let each coat of nail polish thoroughly dry, and always apply a top coat.

Nude Nail Trend

Nude nails might be a current nail trend, but it’s always considered to be a presentable and classy look, regardless of the season or year. Whether you work in a corporate environment, enjoy varying your apparel and makeup colors on a daily basis, or just want a fuss-free but finished look, nude nails are always a great option. A modern take on the traditional nude nail trend is a white-tinted nude nail polish.

The key to getting a flawless nude manicure is to start with a ridge-filling base coat. This not only provides a surface for the nude nail polish to stick to (ensuring it will last longer), it also smooths out the natural ridges in your nail bed, making the manicure look impeccable.

Dark Nail Trend

What better time of year than winter to rock dark nails? Deep, sultry nail polish shades like hunter green, burgundy wine, and navy blue have been spotted all over. While my preference is to keep my nails on the shorter side, with a squared-off edge, the current nail trend for dark tips is a bit more bewitching. Many celebrities have been seen wearing elongated nails painted in a dramatic dark tone.

The secret to ensuring your dark nail polish looks chic and stylish is to add a long-wearing, high-gloss top coat over your nail polish. This will add longevity and a gorgeous shine to your manicure.

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