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Casino Themed Party

Whether you want to raise money for charity or just organize a night of fun and frolics for your friends, a casino themed party is a great night for everyone involved. To make sure your casino themed party goes with a bang, just follow these six simple steps.

How To Organize A Casino Themed Party:

1. Choose a suitable venue

You could hold your casino party in your own home if you have a suitable space, or you could put up a marquee or hire your local pub or village hall. You will need plenty of space for tables so that guests can sit comfortably around them and wander freely to the bar.

2. Organize your casino equipment

Casino equipment can be hired from a number of companies to give your party a professional feel. Depending on the number of guests you’ll be inviting, you will need a blackjack table, roulette wheel and poker dice as a bare minimum – and if you are inviting lots of guests, you will want additional tables and games. Remember to get a-hold of some pretend money and chips too.

3. Prepare some music – or an Elvis!

A party isn’t a party without music, and your best choice of tunes and equipment will depend on who you have coming. A small casino party may only need a good home stereo system and a ready-prepared playlist on your MP3 player. Larger parties, however, will go with a swing with a DJ looking after your musical needs – or, better still, an Elvis impersonator for a taste of old-school Vegas charm.

4. Buy your refreshments 

When organizing any party, the first rule is to always make sure you never run out of drinks! Hit your local supermarket for the best deals on spirits and mixers so you can offer your guests a selection of cocktails. Dry martini is a must, and if you don’t have martini glasses or a cocktail shaker, you can rent them.    

You might also like to offer your guests a selection of nibbles. If you’re holding a Vegas style casino party, anything and everything goes. Vegas is known for its triumphant all-you-can-eat buffets – while a James Bond themed casino party will be better served by an elegant selection of canapés.

5. Decorate your venue

You can either put up some Vegas-style banners with plenty of sparkle, or keep it chic with low-key British embellishments – the choice is yours!

6. Brush up on your casino skills

Before your guests arrive, you and anyone you have enlisted to be your croupiers need to make sure you have mastered the rules of the games.

If you’ve never visited a casino before but want to see what casinos are all about, visit the Grosvenor casino for some inspiration. You can practice your new skills by playing blackjack, roulette and poker online so you are ready to take on your guests!

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