Nautical Themed Bridal Shower Party Ideas

From invitations to party favors, this Inspirations & Celebrations Entertaining Guide shares fabulous Nautical themed Bridal Shower party ideas that are both adorable and affordable. From fashion to interior design, the Nautical trend has become a major hit this Summer. There are some fun and easy ways to incorporate this charming theme into your Bridal Shower.

Aside from choosing a bridal shower theme, making arrangements for guest lists, food & beverages, coordinating bridal shower games, and deciding on party decorations, a primary concern that often arises for any bridal shower hostess is her ability to stay on budget during the party planning process. That’s where Zazzle can help!

What is Zazzle?

Launched in 2005, Zazzle has become a popular online destination for creating, buying, and selling customized products. The site carries everything from home decor goods and party products to apparel and accessories. The company’s “mission is ‘To Enable Every Custom, On-Demand Product in the World On Our Platform.’ In other words, Zazzle, The Make Engine™, is creating both the tools and the marketplace for anything you can imagine – customized.”

Featured here are several customizable items (including Nautical themed party invitations, monogram stickers, bridal shower game, and party favor boxes) from Zazzle that would be perfect to use for a Nautical themed Bridal Shower.

Bridal Shower Invitations

To set the stage for a themed Bridal Shower, the first step starts with selecting appropriate party invitations. Party invitations don’t need to be elaborate (such as hand-written Calligraphy) or expensive (like gold embossed accents); they simply need to tie-in the party theme and colors. A perfect party invitation not only shares the pertinent details about the party with the guests (date/time, location, RSVP request, registry information, and a dress-code if required), it also gives the guests a visual cue about the type of party (casual and comfortable vs. formal and elegant) that is being hosted.

Nautical Chevron Anchor Blue Pink Bridal Shower Invitations from Zazzle

Bridal Shower Theme Details

In addition to using traditional Navy Blue and White colors, a playful way to add a feminine pop of color into the mix is to include a Hot Pink hue. Without going over-board on Nautical decor, details such as anchors, chevron zig zag patterns, and bow-topped accents are whimsical ways to make a Nautical themed party work as a Bridal Shower.

Pink and Navy Blue Chevrons Monogram Round Stickers from Zazzle

Bridal Shower Games

While many Brides nowadays are starting to steer away from silly Bridal Shower games (such as creating wedding dresses made from toilet paper), they still want their guests to have some fun (in a more refined, sophisticated way). That’s where word games (such as a Bridal Word Search Game) come in handy. These party games are not only easy for guests of all ages to play, they can also be done in venues with limited space (such as a small apartment or intimate restaurant), since they don’t require the party guests to move about or do physical activities. To up the ante of the game, make sure to have a fabulous prize (such as a gift basket filled with goodies) for the winner.

Navy Bridal Party Shower Word Search Game from Zazzle

Bridal Shower Party Favors

At the end of the party, give the guests a party favor (wrapped in a festive party favor box) as a way of thanking them for attending and celebrating the Bride-to-be. Small, affordable items such as the Bride’s favorite candy or chic stationary sets are a few party favor ideas that the guests can enjoy.

Navy Chevron Zigzag Personalized Monogram Party Favor Boxes from Zazzle

[Sponsored: This post was brought to you by Zazzle; Image credits: Shutterstock and Zazzle]

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