Spring 2016 Jewelry Trends - Jewelry Designers Share The Must-Have Pieces this Season

From colorful gemstones that make a vibrant statement to delicate, layered necklaces that add an airy touch to any ensemble, featured here are the best Spring 2016 jewelry trends, including three jewelry designers’ must-have pieces this season.

Whether you’re looking to update your jewelry collection by adding a few standout pieces, or you just want to try a different look than your usual go-to style, then these gorgeous Spring 2016 jewelry trends will have you lusting with desire faster than you can say “baubles”.

Spring 2016 Jewelry Trends

If you love dramatic jewelry pieces that catch the eye and add a striking, notice-me element to your outfit, then you’ll love the Spring 2016 jewelry trends this year.

MIXED MATERIALS: A popular jewelry trend this season is the combination of various elements, such as mixed materials, either in the form of a statement necklace or through layering different pieces.

Freyaan Karanjia (Owner & Jewelry Designer of Freyana, a fine jewelry brand that creates gemstone jewelry for the sophisticated modern woman) exclaims, “In terms of looks, layering continues to be a big trend for jewelry into the Spring. To mix up those delicates, add in a larger, bolder piece, a gemstone necklace, or a vintage throwback piece. Lockets are making a huge comeback, particularly those with a modern twist. In terms of color, even Pantone could not pick just one color this year, and we are seeing a huge increase in popularity for jewelry that mixes warm and cool colors together.”

A perfect example of these jewelry trends combined in one outstanding piece (created by Freyana) is the Malachite Collar Necklace shown below. The warm gold tones mixed with the cool emerald hues of the Malachite Cabochons combines two contrasting elements into one luxurious statement piece. This piece of jewelry would be ideal for adorning a simple black sheath dress (for a stunning day-to-night look), or even pairing with a flowing white maxi dress, for a beachy vibe. Spring 2016 Jewelry Trends - Jewelry Designers Share The Must-Have Pieces this Season

CANDY COLORED GEMS: Another one of the must-have Spring 2016 jewelry trends is the use of rich colors and whimsical designs. From vivid pastels (like Lavender, Cotton Candy Pink, and Aqua) to deep, dramatic jewel-tones (including Garnet, Sapphire, and Emerald), bold colored gems are making a big come-back this season.

Daniel Koren (Creative Director of DANI by Daniel K, a collection of sterling silver and simulated diffusion diamond jewelry) says, “earrings in colorful, long styles were huge on the runways this season. To make the look your own, invest in a colorful earring style that will add a colorful pop to your outfit essentials for a quick wardrobe update. “

To exemplify this uplifting jewelry trend, the elegant drop earrings below (from “The Floral Collection” from DANI by Daniel K) incorporate radiant simulated Clear & Pink Sapphires in a charming flower-inspired silhouette, perfect for wearing with Spring’s feminine fashions.

 Spring 2016 Jewelry Trends - Jewelry Designers Share The Must-Have Pieces this Season


GEOMETRIC SHAPES: If you adore contemporary designs that have an architectural look, then you’ll fall in love with one of the best Spring 2016 jewelry trends this season – geometric shapes.

Monil Kothari (Founder of Antandre, a fine jewelry company that was founded on the concept of wearable art that keeps the modern woman in mind) expounds upon this point, stating, “As a designer, the single biggest trend I have seen dominate the fashion side of jewelry is the use of geometry in design. Technically, the trend started being used around 2014, but it really picked up steam in 2015 and is now set to go mainstream for 2016 across costume and fine jewelry. Geometrically inspired jewelry pieces are meant to float across various outfits, but they shine the most when accented with bright vibrant spring clothing or used against more revealing outfits. Basically these types of pieces do well when not overshadowed by heavier outfits, e.g. winter coats.”

As evidenced by Antandre’s eye-catching jewelry collection, that includes a myriad of modern, geometric-inspired designs (such as the Aegis Tri-Color Stacked Ring shown below), geometric shapes aren’t just a current trend, they’re timeless designs that are worth investing in, since they can be worn for years to come.

 Spring 2016 Jewelry Trends - Jewelry Designers Share The Must-Have Pieces this Season


From contemporary designs that turn heads to playful pops of color, the Spring 2016 jewelry trends featured above are a beautiful way to accessorize your ensembles this season.

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[Image Credits: Shutterstock, Freyana, Dani by DK, Antandre]

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