Fashion Bloggers Favorite Spring Trends

Over the past several years, fashion bloggers influence over the popularity of fashion trends has become increasingly more powerful. From sitting front-row at New York Fashion Week runway shows to getting national exposure in leading publications (such as Vogue, Lucky Magazine, and Glamour) to virally-sharing reviews of products and brands, the rise of fashion bloggers represents a major evolutionary shift in the way designers and merchandisers market new products and promote new trends.

Because most fashion bloggers’ day-jobs are outside of the fashion industry, they represent the viewpoint of the everyday woman (and man). With their buying power and peer-to-peer influence, their opinions and preferences are becoming considerably more valuable in the eyes of designers and retailers. With their rapidly growing sphere of influence through blogging, peer-to-peer communication, and social networks, fashion bloggers have the ability to determine the fate of any new style trend (making it a passing fad or turning it into a mainstay staple in our wardrobes).

Featured here are the favorite Spring Fashion Trends of fashion bloggers from around the world.


Inbal of Bullchic says: “Right now (my favorite spring trend) has to be the black & white trend, because it’s simple, elegant and you can wear it in so many different ways!”


Whitney of WorthyStyle says: “I think the Spring trend I love the most is the athletic trend, particularly with sporty details on dresses. It makes transitioning from work to play so easy! DKNY and Rag & Bone, among other designers, had some great sporty details in their fashion shows for Spring 2013.”


Sue of Sue Loves NYC says: “I am really looking forward to wearing ‘Candy Colors’, which are a great spring trend. Nothing feels more like spring than pastels and friendly colors. I am already wearing them on my nails.”


Carol of Carolosiphy says: “My favorite trend is neon, simply because I feel that every outfit simply stands out more with that pop of color. And you can pair neons with anything! So easy and chic.”


Gabrielle of Gabrielle Teare says: “Squares are everywhere! I love this fun 1960′s inspired trend, Marc Jacobs led the way at Louis Vuitton.”


Melody of Style Me Red says: “My favorite Spring 2013 fashion trend is black & white stripes! I would wear vertical stripes to help elongate my figure, which would be very flattering for a shorter girl like me. I also feel that black and white are such classic colors and you can’t go wrong pairing them with shoes and/or a handbag that stand out in a different (possibly brighter) color.”


Morgan of i wish it were Anthropologie, but… says: “My favorite spring trend is floral pants! I love a busy pattern paired with a lace top or simple button down, and over sized bag!”

There you have it… the best fashion trends this season, from the perspective of fashion bloggers.

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    • Christina-Lauren says:

      Thanks for your comment! I’ve always been a fan of black and white, since it’s simple and chic. Pastels are hit or miss on me (for my coloring, they have to be ‘vibrant’ pastels, or I look washed out).

    • Christina-Lauren says:

      Hi Mary! Thanks for your comment. I’ll agree that no trend is suitable for all people (since we each have different styles, body types, and taste). But black and white, in my opinion, is one of the easiest and most universally-flattering trends to pull off.

  1. I love this post!! I love hearing what other bloggers are looking forward to.
    I am so looking forward to spring! I am so tired of cold weather and coats. I am really excited about all of the pastels that are out now- after months of dark colors, pastels are so refreshing!

  2. Hi Christina, Thx for the warm messages on IFB, I really apprecired a lot. I follwoing ur blog and will do all when i got more time. I love u to follow for keep in touch all of your advises. I just post my new outfit today. if u got a mins, please welcome
    to visit my blog


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