Every romantic relationship undergoes a series of changes as people begin to share their authentic selves with each other, learn about one another (both the good and the not-so-good aspects), and form deeper connections. But did you know that (healthy) relationships go through 4 stages of love?


When each of the four fundamental components (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical) are experienced and integrated by both people, the result is a loving and balanced relationship. However, if any of these aspects are skipped or not present in the relationship, one (or both people) will usually end up feeling as though something is missing.


“Physical chemistry generates desire. Emotional chemistry generates affection. Mental chemistry creates interest. Spiritual chemistry creates love. A soul mate includes all four.” [Source: Mars and Venus On A Date by John Gray, Ph.D.]


This post explains each of these stages, and why they all are equally important in the process of forming a deep and lasting bond between two people.



Aside from a physical attraction, most people form their first connection with another person through conversation. This involves the process of discovering areas of common interest and learning how the other person communicates and shares their ideas and beliefs.



When people allow themselves to open their hearts and share their authentic selves, they become open to the possibility of developing a warm and affectionate connection with the other person. This enables them to feel vulnerable, without the fear that they will be hurt or betrayed.



Finding a soul mate is finding the perfect match for two people. This does not mean finding the perfect person, however. The spiritual foundation for a relationship is based on unconditional love. Soul mates recognize intrinsic qualities within each other that are vitally important to them having in their chosen mate.



As each of the above stages are explored and integrated into the relationship, the couple can proceed to form a physical bond with each other. Rushing too quickly into a physically-intimate relationship can prevent one (or both parties) from developing deeper feelings or attachment to the other person, ultimately resulting in disappointment or un-fulfillment.


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