May you and your families be blessed with a very Merry Christmas! In celebration of this joyous holiday, it’s nice to take a moment to reflect on the past year and think about all the gifts (both material and experiential) we have been given. I’m incredibly grateful for good fortune, love, joy, prosperity, health, family […]
  Every romantic relationship undergoes a series of changes as people begin to share their authentic selves with each other, learn about one another (both the good and the not-so-good aspects), and form deeper connections. But did you know that (healthy) relationships go through 4 stages of love?   When each of the four fundamental Continue Reading
In the United States, most people correlate the month of November with Thanksgiving. This is a traditional holiday that is recognized by many as a period of counting one’s blessings, sharing kindness and generosity with the people we care about, and being thankful for all of the joys and abundance of good fortune in life […]
As the old saying goes, “the best things in life aren’t things”. That phrase has a lot of merit in the meaning behind the message. The greatest personal rewards we can ever experience have to do with relationships; our relationships with family, friends, loved ones, community members, and the world in general.    In order Continue Reading
Living in a world that places an emphasis on productivity, progress, and advancements, it seems as though most people spend their lives frantically running around trying to get more done in less time. Our future-oriented society ends up creating a population rattled with frazzled nerves, frustration, and anxiety. Instead of finding joy in our work, Continue Reading
I recently watched the movie “A Thousand Words” (starring Eddie Murphy), which was more poignant (and emotionally touching) than it was comical. The storyline was about a fast-talking literary agent (Jack McCall) who used his persuasive ability to get whatever he wanted in life (from business deals to personal gains)… until he met a Continue Reading
I recently caught a glimpse of Bravo Television’s new reality show “Miss Advised“, and was inspired to write a post about love and relationships because of what I saw in this particular episode.    One of the main characters (Julia Allison, a Journalist and Relationship Expert) was seeking the counsel of a “Love Coach” to Continue Reading
Over the weekend, my friends and I got into a discussion about envisioning one’s future, while living in and enjoying the present moment.    One of my friends recently decided to create a “vision board”, which includes images and text about the type of long-term relationship she wants, her career path, and personal goals. I […]