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BEAUTY BUZZ ~ The Smoky Eye

Although the weather might be starting to cool off in some places, things are just starting to heat up when it comes to fall beauty trends. Now that we don’t have to worry about the summer sun melting our make-up away, we can focus on creating a flawless, finished look. 

Smoky Eye – Makeup Tutorial

The perfect smoky eye paired with soft, neutral toned lips is a stunning and classic combination that perfectly offsets fall’s deep colored apparel and accessories. And with fall’s new warm and cool color combos it makes this look easy to pull off. 

When in doubt, use browns and earth tones to add depth and dimension to your eyelids. If you’re a more daring, fashion-forward type, don’t be afraid to throw in some cool blue hues to make your eyes pop.

When sporting the smoky eye look, always keep your cheek color to a minimum (you wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a clown, would you?!), and make sure your pout looks soft and supple by adding a hint of natural-looking color and a dose of sheen.



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