How To Master Smoky Eyes - Makeup Tutorial

Smoky eyes are a sensual, sultry eye makeup look that can easily go from subdued to all-out glam in just a few steps. If you’ve ever wanted to master the art of creating smoky eyes, this is the must-read tutorial for you. To get this uber-sexy look, you don’t need the precision of skilled artisan, nor the training of a makeup artist.

8 Easy Steps To Creating Smoky Eyes

1. To start, you need to properly prep your eyes. First de-puff and moisturize the skin around your eyes by lightly dabbing on a eye cream that includes soothing, anti-inflammatory properties.

2. After letting the eye cream thoroughly dry (after approximately a minute), using your ring finger, gently dab on an moisturizing eye concealer all over your eyelid, in the corners of your eyes, and underneath your eyes. This will not only cover up any dark under eye circles, it will also help minimize the look of fine lines and crow’s feet.

3. Using a waterproof eye pencil, completely rim the waterline around your eyes. A gel-based eyeliner works best for this, as it quickly adheres to the skin and dries faster than other formulations. In addition, it will stay on longer, and won’t require touch-ups throughout the day. For a softer look (that’s best for daytime), opt for earth toned hues, like bronze or brown; for a more dramatic (evening) look, you can use a deeper shade, such as charcoal gray or black.

4. Using a stiff eye shadow brush, apply a medium intensity eye shadow color along the upper lash line (starting in the outer corner and blending inward), and blend up into the crease line. You should completely cover the eyelid with this base color. For more intensity, next apply a deeper eye shadow shade along the upper lash line only, focusing on the outer corners of your eyes.

5. Using a small, angled eye shadow brush, apply the same medium intensity eye shadow along the lower lash line, focusing on the outer corners.

6. Fully blend the eye shadows with a large, fluffy eye shadow brush. The overall eye makeup look should be soft and diffused, without any visible lines of demarcation.

7. Using a dark waterproof eyeliner, draw a line on your upper eyelash line, starting with a thicker line on the outer corners and tapering the line as you come inward.

8. Curl your eyelashes and then apply a lengthening, thickening mascara (in a deep black hue).

Since smoky eyes are intended to draw the focus of attention to your eyes, it’s advisable to opt for a neutral-toned or light-colored lip (like nude or light pink).

Voila! You’ve mastered the art of creating smoky eyes.

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