There's No Place Like Home
As I was taking a walk around my neighborhood recently, I started thinking about all the different types of living environments around the world that people inhabit – from rustic retreats to major metropolitan cities. It’s interesting to think how people can adapt to nearly any atmosphere, even one that’s completely dissimilar to the place they grew up. And I started to ponder the question, are we a reflection of the place we choose to live? Or are we simply attracted to life in a particular area because it’s a reflection of us?
Since I live in the coastal community of the Monterey Peninsula, one of my greatest pleasures is taking a leisurely stroll by the ocean. It enables me the opportunity to be at peace with my thoughts, reflect on my day, and visualize what I want to do. As much as I enjoy the calm, comforting, serene nature of my immediate environment (which is perfect for me on a daily basis), every so often, I feel the overwhelming need to experience something completely in contrast, like the bustling, fast-paced energy of a city. 
The newness of sights and sounds is stimulating to the mind, but can also prove to be a bit overwhelming. I asked my friend (who lives in San Francisco, but grew up on the Monterey Peninsula as well) how she acclamated to life in the city. She said at first it was a bit nerve racking, from the bombardment of people to always hearing loud noises and commotion, but over time, she just got into her own “zone”. She said, “you learn how to tune out the rest of the world, and focus on your own mind and state of being.” While there’s no place like home, it’s always healthy to venture out of one’s comfort zone into a place that’s completely different than our daily environment. I find that vacations (or adventures) afford us the opportunity to rely on our senses, expand our awareness, and become more independent and self-reliant.
That said, may you find yourself on a new and exciting adventure this weekend.

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