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How To Do Nude Lips - Beauty Buzz

Nude lips paired with sultry, smoky eyes is a dramatic evening look that’s easier to pull off than you might think. But, when done improperly, nude lips can leave you looking more like a corpse than a drop-dead, gorgeous woman. Featured in this edition of Beauty Buzz, you’ll learn top tips on how to do nude lips like a pro. Pucker up, ladies!

How To Do Nude Lips

The first step to creating the perfect pout is starting with the right foundation. For this classic look, create a clean slate on your skin by applying matte, liquid foundation. This will cover imperfections and any discoloration, while minimizing shine. Next, apply a peachy-colored bronzer to your cheeks, to give you a ‘healthy glow’.

For a glamorous, evening look, do a smoky eye (using charcoal, silver, and black eye shadows) in combination with sexy, nude lips. Finish off the look with intense black eyeliner for a heightened effect. This emphasizes your eyes, by downplaying the color of your lips.

Next, apply a creamy concealer all over your lips. Blend with a makeup sponge, to ensure smooth consistency. This will act as a base for your nude lipstick (helping it to last longer), in addition to removing any trace of red tones. Apply nude lipliner around the edges of your lips (creating a precise edge), and fill-in your lips with the liner. As a final touch, apply creamy nude lipstick (with a slight pinkish hue).



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