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We’ve all experienced relationships with dramatic, self-absorbed people. These types think the world revolves around them, and they never seem to let you forget that. Sometimes these relationships exist by choice (such as friendships), but other times, they are a given (in the case of family, co-workers, and clients).

Often times, these folks feel the need to involve everyone in their debacles, which makes them the center of attention. And frequently, they do this by manipulating and dictating to the people in their lives.

The biggest challenges in handling these individuals are staying centered and peaceful in their presence, maintaining and asserting your boundaries, and rising above their petty behavior.

When you encounter a personality like this, the first step is to recognize their behavioral traits, which in essence, are a combination of low self esteem and a gloried ego.

Since understanding is a key to forgiveness, by consciously being aware of their actions and deeper motives, it makes it easier to stay positive even when they are trying to make you react negatively. Although you can’t control other people, you can control your response to them.

So, the next time a Drama Queen (or King) tries to rule in your court, take a deep breath, stay calm, and simply wish them joy.

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