Choose To Be Happy

Choose To Be Happy

At different times in each of our lives, we go through situations that test our patience, challenge us to be courageous and strong, and shape our characters. Despite what we may be facing at any one moment, the key to overcoming obstacles, is to choose to be happy.

I first learned about this theory while reading the inspirational book, Become A Better You, by Joel Osteen. He writes “Happiness does not depend on your circumstances… It’s a choice that you make.” Ever since reading that phrase, it just stuck with me. Whenever I have one of those ‘moments’ – one of those difficult times that you can easily just get frustrated, feel angry or sad, or even reach a point of despair, I think about this philosophy. And it’s at that exact moment, that I choose to be happy, no matter what.

In light of the recent tragedies throughout the USA (including the Boston Marathon incident and the Texas explosion), it’s been one of those intense weeks that make people stop for a moment to reflect on life and the difficulties we encounter at moments.

Bottom line – this is your life. You decide each day how to act, think, and feel. No matter what you might be experiencing (whether it’s the highs or the lows of life), you have a choice. You can either allow life to shape you, or you can choose to shape your life.

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