Looking fabulous during the hot days of summer starts with using the best skincare products that will protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun, while giving you a healthy, gorgeous glow. This Summer Skin Guide shares information about the three must-have skin care products you should be using this season. Summer Skin […]
At different times in each of our lives, we go through situations that test our patience, challenge us to be courageous and strong, and shape our characters. Despite what we may be facing at any one moment, the key to overcoming obstacles, is to choose to be happy. I first learned about this theory while […]
  Every woman needs at least one fun summer adventure filled with unexpected surprises, memorable moments shared with special people, and a whole lot of laughter. So while you’re off galavanting around this season either playing at the beach, exploring new territory, or just enjoying some down time, make sure to be well prepared for Continue Reading