6 Inspiring Mantras To Help You Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Every year, in the beginning of January, people create New Years Resolutions to help them re-shape, organize, and improve their lives. As the New Year begins, it symbolizes a time to start over again, an opportunity to make positive changes, the chance to grow and evolve even more, and the ability to make our lives better than ever.

2016 Happy New Year

The challenge with New Years Resolutions is that, by February or March, many people give up on their goals and return to their old habits and conditioned behaviors. That’s why we continually need to be motivated on a daily basis to stick with our New Years Resolutions. To help you keep your New Years Resolutions, featured here are 6 inspiring mantras to keep you on the right track in 2016.

6 Inspiring Mantras To Help You Keep Your 2016 New Years Resolutions

How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Mantra 1: “The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.” (Quote by Melody Beattie)

Psychologists have asserted that writing down goals on a piece of paper is more effective than thinking them or even speaking out loud. The process of physically writing about the dreams, goals, and intentions we have and want to pursue helps reinforce the importance of manifesting them in our minds. As you imagine the year ahead, write down all the big and little goals you want to go toward. Each day, read through your goals as your begin your morning. Emotionally connect with each goal as you read it to yourself. This helps you stick with your New Years Resolutions, as it becomes a part of your daily regime.

Mantra 2: “Life is a journey, not a destination.” (Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson)

As you think about the direction you want your life to move in, think about where you’re heading and how you want to get there. Life is a consecutive series of moments, milestones, and steps. As we move toward our goals, do your best to make each part of the journey a joyful and rewarding experience, as these will be the memories you will cherish the most. You have the power to make each day a happy adventure (despite the challenges you might face).

6 Inspiring Mantras To Help You Keep Your 2016 New Years Resolutions

Mantra 3: “Love what you do, and do what you love.” (Quote by Ray Bradbury)

It has been said that when you find passion in your work, success and money come to you. In addition to setting goals of increasing your personal wealth, always do your best to find enjoyment and happiness in the work you do. Whether it’s the simple act of helping a customer (which can improve their day), or it’s through creative projects that inspire you, when you do what you love, you resonate with your work and make your career a personally gratifying experience, instead of just a means to an end.

Mantra 4: “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” (Quote by Maya Angelou)

They always say that the only constant in life is change. While we know this to be true, many people often have difficulty accepting change. They fear change, because they assume it will bring them harm. They seek to find comfort in constancy, and yet, end up feeling stifled and inert. The only way to evolve, move forward, and grow is to embrace the process of change. As we become wiser, we learn the difference between what we have the power to change, and what we must accept. This, in turn, gives us more personal power, because we always have the choice to decide how we will react to any situation or person.

6 Inspiring Mantras To Help You Keep Your 2016 New Years Resolutions

Mantra 5: “If you knew everything about everyone, you’d forgive everyone for everything.” (Quote by Junior League of Monterey County)

As we set our New Years Resolutions, we often set the intention of improving our personal relationships. One of the most difficult aspects of having close relationships is keeping them conflict-free. From disagreements to differences in opinions, it’s easy to fall into a trap of discord with the people that we actually want to have peace and harmony with.

An easy way to help us empathize and have compassion for the people we love is to remember that we don’t always understand why they act or speak in certain ways, nor what is going through their minds or hearts in those moments. If someone creates static with you, take a moment to be quiet before responding in haste. Think about their situation (if you know it), and ask yourself if they are acting offensively because they are sad, scared, or hurt. Often times people lash out in anger because they don’t know other ways to share their negative feelings. And, more often than not, people have internal struggles and problems that you aren’t even aware of; so don’t take everything personally.

Mantra 6: “Happiness is always a choice.” (Quote by Joel Osteen)

While we can’t choose the circumstances or situations that happen in our lives, we can choose to be happy, despite what we are encountering. In 2015, I had a close family member end up in the ICU (a couple times) with life-threatening medical problems (and eventually overcoming all of them to become healthy and well). During the same year, our family dog was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer, and then passed away (on January 3, 2016) from Pneumonia.

Throughout these heart-wrenching ordeals, the one thing I’ve learned is that life continues, and it’s our responsibility to make the most of each day. Find the joy and humor in the most grave, serious moments. Try to look on the bright side of every situation, realizing that these difficult moments are helping to shape and strengthen your character. Always remember that there is sunshine behind the clouds, and that you will help yourself and others more by being a positive, happy person, even when circumstances seem daunting. You have the power to be happy.

As we embark on the journey of a New Year, I wish for you an abundance of good health, happiness, and success. May you enjoy the process of creating New Years Resolutions that improve the quality of your life.

What are your New Years Resolutions for 2016?

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