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Home decor is much akin to fashion and style. Each individual has their own personal preferences when it comes to using prints, patterns, and colors. That’s why the use of animal prints in home decorating can run the spectrum of loved to hated. Why? Because it’s such a strong pattern, that some people might be concerned that it would overwhelm the look of a space. But that’s not necessarily true. Featured here are top tips on how to incorporate animal prints in your home decor.

Similar to wearing animal prints, when it comes to home decor, it’s best to start off in small doses. That means, adding home accessories (such as decorative throw pillows, ornate storage boxes or serving trays, or lamps featuring an animal print pattern) is a wise way to go.

When deciding on which home decor items to use for a single room, don’t be afraid to mix animal prints (like zebra, cheetah, and giraffe patterns). As long as the color palette coordinates well (such as neutral tones), varying up the look of a room by using different patterns adds novelty and visual interest.

Also, opt for luxurious fabrics. Everything from fur-textures to velvet and suede works especially great in combination with an animal print. In addition to creating esthetic appeal, these cozy fabrics invite your guests to nestle in and lounge comfortably in your abode.

As a final splash, throw in an unexpected color (like sky blue) to off-set the earthy tones of the room. This adds that unpredictable pop of pizazz that brings a room to life.

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    • Christina-Lauren says:

      Animal prints can look good in nearly any style house, from country to classic to modern. In my living room, there’s a zebra print rug and an over-sized framed artwork that features a tiger. It adds that ‘punch’ to an otherwise neutral-colored room.

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