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If you’re looking for a powerful healing tool that’s a natural alternative to traditional medicine, sound therapy is a great path to explore. Sound therapy is a spiritually-based practice that uses various types of sound tools, including tuning forks and crystals, with the intention of clearing the energy in your space, raising your vibration, and helping your body to naturally heal itself. But before you start thinking that this sounds “woo woo”, there’s scientific evidence that can explain how it works. So, open your mind and read on.

Today’s wellness guide explains the process of sound therapy using tuning forks and crystals, provides an overview of the science-backed reasoning why this can actually work, and help you discover an alternative path to naturally heal your mind, body, and soul.

6 Reasons Why Sound Therapy is a Powerful Healing Tool - Tuning Forks and Crystals

What are the origins of using tuning forks for sound therapy?

Although sound therapy has been practiced in ancient religions, tuning forks are a more recent development.

As stated in an article on, in “the 1960s… English osteopath Sir Peter Guy Manners developed tuning fork therapy. He believed sound vibrations could provide comfort and healing for a range of conditions: chronic inflammation, arthritis, and even bacterial infections. This was based on ideas that were common to Western alternative practitioners and traditional Eastern practitioners.

These practitioners argued all created things, including the body, are a network of living energies. These energies could be disrupted and restored by different interventions into this force field. You will find this idea today in acupuncture (qi), Ayurvedic medicine (prana), and reiki energy healing.”

Essentially, sound therapy is a modality that directly influences the vibration of atoms and molecules – both within our bodies and around us. For this very reason, it can play a key role in how the vibrational frequency of the atomic structure that it comes in contact with (such as your home or even your body).

6 Reasons Why Sound Therapy is a Powerful Healing Tool - Tuning Forks and Crystals

A scientific explanation about vibrational frequencies

As explained in an article by Scientific American, “All things in our universe are constantly in motion, vibrating. Even objects that appear to be stationary are in fact vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at various frequencies. Resonance is a type of motion, characterized by oscillation between two states. And ultimately all matter is just vibrations of various underlying fields.

An interesting phenomenon occurs when different vibrating things/processes come into proximity: they will often start, after a little time, to vibrate together at the same frequency. They “sync up,” sometimes in ways that can seem mysterious.”

So now that you understand the fundamentals of how atoms can vibrate in harmony (or “resonance”) with other vibrations it comes in contact with, you can get the idea of where sound therapy came into play. One thing affects the next, literally.

To me, the easiest way to understand how sound affects us is to think about music.

When you listen to upbeat, energizing music, your heart beats faster, you get a jolt of energy and even might feel inspired to start moving. Whereas, if you listen to calming music, you’ll probably notice your nervous system relaxing, your breath slowing down, and even possibly getting a little sleepy. Well, you’re essentially starting to harmonize or resonate with the vibrational frequency of the music.

The same goes with sound therapy – and using tools like tuning forks and crystals – it affects your mind and body.

6 Reasons Why Sound Therapy is a Powerful Healing Tool - Tuning Forks and Crystals

What is a tuning fork?

As explained by The Spring Resort & Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California, “a tuning fork is a steel instrument with two prongs that serve as an acoustic resonator. When struck, a tuning fork produces a fixed musical pitch, which serves as a standard for tuning musical instruments. Usually, the tuning fork produces waves that send out vibrations in the air around it.”

What are the wellness benefits of using tuning forks and crystals?

When tuning forks and crystals are used together, this specific type of sound therapy has been found to offer many wellness benefits including improved sleep quality (and even reduced snoring), decreased anxiety levels, increased energy levels, and better mood balance – all while clearing up any negative energy which might be lingering around in your environment. Talk about a multi-purpose tool!

6 Reasons Why Sound Therapy is a Powerful Healing Tool - Tuning Forks and Crystals

Why are tuning forks used during therapy?

The Spring Resort & Spa explains that “tuning fork therapy is based on the concept of vibrations in the universe. Waves occur around and inside you. Your body has rhythm and harmony. If it experiences waves that create rhythm and harmony, sound healing occurs.

Your body is also made up of 75% water, which serves as a great conductor for sound. The body, therefore, tends to resonate with the sound it hears. As the vibrations from the sound travel through your body, they remove blockages that hinder flow in your energy.

The tuning fork will produce vibrations that your body will align to. Since the waves will be in line with your body’s natural frequencies, they will travel deep along energy paths to bring healing.”

Why does Marie Kondo use tuning forks and crystals in her practice?

Marie Kondo uses a tuning fork in her everyday life to help her to reset. Given her Buddhist background, she also believes in incorporating spiritual practices into her cleaning process. For that reason, she regularly uses a tuning fork with a quartz crystal to clear and harmonize the energy of a space. Essentially, it’s like blessing a space. She encourages you to do similarly.

She says, “When I began tidying as my full-time job, I quickly learned how demanding the work could be. I started using tuning forks as a way to center myself – their sonic vibrations have a subtle healing power that helps me to reset. Tuning forks are one of my favorite self-care tools. I use them before speaking to a large group of people, visiting a new space, or whenever I need to clear the air.”

6 Reasons Why Sound Therapy is a Powerful Healing Tool - Tuning Forks and Crystals

How to do sound therapy at-home with a tuning fork and crystal

Marie shares the below simple process for using a tuning fork and crystal in your home.

  1. Take a moment to quiet your thoughts.
  2. Then strike the fork against a crystal. Let its sound fill the space.
  3. Take in the energy of the room.
  4. Direct the tuning fork to areas that feel stagnant or heavy.
  5. If you feel weary or unstable, move the vibrations toward yourself.
  6. Savor the moment of contemplation.

6 reasons why sound therapy is a powerful healing tool

As explained by The Spring Resort & Spa, here are 6 benefits of sound therapy.

  1. Tuning the natural cycles in your body, known as the circadian rhythm. This helps you bring back your natural cycles to stimulate homeostasis. When your body is balanced, you can heal physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically.
  2. Tuning forks repair your DNA structure by creating vibrations that are in rhythm with your spinal cord. When your spine is in harmony, the right cells are created to promote health.
  3. Helps to distribute Qi (otherwise known as “chi”) in your body, by uniting different body energies. When your Qi is activated, energy flows freely inside your body to promote healing.
  4. Improving the healing of strained muscles and tendons and increasing bone density.
  5. Bringing your nervous system into balance.
  6. Integrating your left and right brain for clearer thinking.

6 Reasons Why Sound Therapy is a Powerful Healing Tool - Tuning Forks and Crystals

My personal experience using a tuning fork and crystal

I first started using a tuning fork and crystal as a part of my daily spiritual practice (right before I do gratitude journaling each morning), as a way to “clear” the energy within my space, my home, and myself.

After receiving a tuning fork & rose quartz crystal set from Marie Kondo (to celebrate the launch of her new Netflix show, Sparking Joy), I decided to test out this theory by incorporating it into my routine. At first, I noticed that my body definitely felt the sound wave that the tuning fork produced when struck against a crystal. I felt a vibrational sensation gently touching my body (or for that matter – my energy field) – specifically within my heart and solar plexus chakras. It also had a calming and soothing effect on my mind.

Ironically, when I played it for other people who visited my home, they said they could “feel” the vibration as well (mostly in the same areas on their bodies), which I found interesting. So, perhaps the vibration is tuned to influence those chakras or energy systems the most?

On a physical level, my health and energy have been consistently great. Over the past several weeks of using these tools, I’ve noticed more emotional stability and a feeling of grounded calm (even in the midst of facing some life “storms” recently). So, all in all – it’s been a positive experience, to say the least.

And, since I’ve been having fun delving into studies about how the Universe works, this is just one more part of the expansive journey of discovery and exploration. So, stay tuned (pun intended) on learning more about alternative wellness practices that can revolutionize your DNA programming for optimum health and well-being.

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[Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only. This does not provide medical advice. Disclosure: Affiliate links included.]

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