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As we transition from winter to spring, we often find ourselves facing a fashion conundrum. The erratic weather during this time period sometimes makes figuring what to wear even more challenging. Fortunately, there are a few smart and stylish solutions to make dressing for temperamental weather even easier.

To help you keep your cool (while staying warm), here’s how to transition outfits from winter to spring.

How To Transition Outfits from Winter to Spring

Being based on the Central Coast of California means we get moody weather at times, especially between winter and spring. As a perfect example, a few weeks ago during the Pebble Beach AT&T Pro-Am Golf Tournament, we had moments of sunshine, followed by bursts of hail!

So, being a smart dresser (which often means dressing in layers) is always wise.

How To Transition Outfits from Winter to Spring

Dress Up Dark Denim

Dark denim jeans always look chic and classy – which makes it a must-have essential in any woman’s closet.

As a born-and-raised California gal, jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. From work to weekend, I love dressing up a pair of skinny jeans (like this pair by Paige). Whether I’m going to drinks with friends or getting ready for date night, in my opinion – there’s nothing more flattering than a great-fitting pair of dark denim jeans. Plus, they keep your legs covered, which looks more weather-appropriate on cooler winter-to-spring days. 

How To Transition Outfits from Winter to Spring

Stay Cozy in a Fitted Turtleneck

I’m personally not a fan of big, bulky sweaters that look more like loungewear than going-out attire. That’s why a fitted turtleneck is a look you’ll always find me in – especially on those foggy winter-to-spring days. I recently discovered this fitted turtleneck (for under $20!) on Amazon, and totally love the fit. Plus, it’s available in a variety of colors, which makes it a great fashion find (and perfect for stocking up on). 

How To Transition Outfits from Winter to Spring

Invest in Nude Heeled Sandals

To dress up your jeans (and elongate your legs), a pair of nude heeled sandals are always a great choice (as long as it’s not raining, of course). These versatile, wear-with-anything shoes virtually go with any ensemble. Plus, they make your legs look like they go on for days.

Budget-Savvy Tip: If you want a pair that’s under $100, the Sam Edelman shoes (pictured here) are only $70 from Amazon. To be honest – they’re beautiful, but not ideal for walking in or wearing for hours on end. To make them more comfortable, I recommend using an open-toe shoe insert for added support. 

Investment-Worthy Tip: If you’re looking for a luxurious pair of nude heeled sandals that are as comfortable as they are gorgeous, I recommend these Stuart Weitzman shoes (which cost around $400). I just bought a pair of these heeled sandals, and have to say – they’re worth the price. I wore mine to a food & wine festival recently and never felt uncomf0rtable or in pain throughout the event.

How To Transition Outfits from Winter to Spring How To Transition Outfits from Winter to Spring

Up Your Style with a Faux-Suede Moto Jacket

A suede moto jacket is always chic and sumptuous to touch, but it’s also a difficult fabric to wear regularly. Since authentic suede materials require dry cleaning and fastidious care, relying on a suede jacket as a go-to everyday piece isn’t practical.

That’s why a great alternative is a faux-suede moto jacket (like the Tobi jacket pictured here, which is currently on sale for $43). Plus, a rich colored jacket, like a warm cognac or earthy chocolate hue, gives off a luxe vibe. 

How To Transition Outfits from Winter to Spring How To Transition Outfits from Winter to Spring

Go Glam with Accessories

Whether you love everyday luxury or you’re going for a dressy casual look, glamorous accessories elevate an outfit.

A designer handbag (like this one by Louis Vuitton) instantly adds a classic look to your outfit. If you want to add a trendy element to your look, celestial-inspired earrings (like the earrings pictured here) and layered necklaces are currently in vogue.

For more fashion inspiration and style tips, visit the Fashion & Style section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

How To Transition Outfits from Winter to Spring

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Photography by James Molinaro (JM3)

Location: La Playa Carmel in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California is a renowned historic landmark on the Central Coast. Boasting breathtaking views of Carmel Bay and surrounded by lush, blooming gardens, this picturesque property is one of the premier hotels in the area. In addition to being a relaxing haven for both visitors and locals, it’s also the location of choice for countless weddings and special events (like GourmetFest).

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