It all started with a simple suggestion. A couple of years ago, a friend told me to download the Audible app from Amazon and listen to the audiobook Essentialism by Greg McKeown. She said it’d change my life – and it did!

I’ve always enjoyed books, but since I’m often so busy, it’s challenging to find time to read. That’s partly why I was curious to try out this app. Unlike listening to audiobooks on a Kindle or other device, this app works on your smartphone. Whether you sync your phone to your car (via Bluetooth), or you use a pair of headphones (while you’re at the gym or running errands), you can use Audible anytime, anywhere.

8 Inspiring Audiobooks from the Audible Program by Amazon

Little did I realize that Audible would become one of my favorite ways to “expand my horizons” as I drove from home to work, and beyond. After listening to the first few chapters of this life-transforming audiobook, I was hooked (on both the book and the app)! Not only is this audiobook one of my faves (since it encourages us to re-think everything we do to find greater purpose and fulfillment), the whole concept of audiobooks (from the convenience of our phones) makes learning easier.

After listening to this audiobook (on the way to work, while running errands, etc.), I felt inspired to download even more books. Since then, I’ve listened to a number of life-changing books (listed below are a few of my faves, plus some that are on my wishlist) that catalyze us to live our best lives now. The books listed here are a mix of personal growth, spirituality and mindfulness, money and personal finance, and success mindset techniques.

8 Inspiring Audiobooks from Audible by Amazon

8 Inspiring Audiobooks from the Audible Program by Amazon

Audiobooks from Audible by Amazon

The best part about the Audible app is that it’s only $14.99 per month. With that, you get access to your entire library of audiobooks, PLUS you can download 2 free audiobooks each month. That’s less than $8 per book! Talk about a budget-savvy way to build an inspiring collection of audiobooks, while saving money each month.

Whether you love romance novels, self-help books, business or nonfiction books, they offer a vast collection of audiobooks to choose from. And the best part is – you can enjoy listening to your audiobooks whenever you want, as the library is stored on your phone (within the easy-to-use app).

If you want to try Audible, simply sign-up for a free 30-day trial using your Amazon account. It’s that easy!

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Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

8 Inspiring Audiobooks from the Audible Program by Amazon

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  1. I’ve always loved shopping on Amazon because of the great array of selections. But I have recently learned that you can shop and also donate to your favorite charity at the SAME TIME!! What can be better than that?!?! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Robin Poland says:

    I love that I can usually find the things I need and they are delivered to my door as well as easy to return if necessary.

    • Christina-Lauren says:

      Honestly, I never could have imagined that listening to just 1 audiobook would change my life (and my business!), but it did. I hope that these suggestions inspire you to transform your life for the best too! xoxo

  3. I love browsing Amazon store because it has so much items at different price points. I always find something interesting or essential to buy.

  4. I shop on Amazon as they seem to have some of the item that I have tried to find around where I live and they have them at good prices.

  5. I like amazon as it has so many items, even some I never thought that existed. The prices are competitive, and I enjoy free fast shipping.

  6. Linda Broome says:

    I love Amazon, it’s so much fun and it comes so fast. I even buy toners for work and they love the savings!

  7. Sandra Watts says:

    What is not to love?! I mostly love it because I can avoid the store. I like sitting at home, browsing and taking my time.

  8. i love audio but can not aford if author give me them i do them as a favor i do amazon for reviews and buy craft things

  9. Patti Kollar says:

    I love getting Audiobooks! Reading has always been a passion for me, however now I am having more visual issues. So this prevents me from reading many books, magazines, newspapers. Which makes me so sad. So being bale to download audiobooks has been such a thrill for me, and is opening up my world again, just in a different way. Sure I cannot “read” the book, but having someone else read it to me is pretty awesome!
    I wish there was a program, or a way of obtaining audiobooks, magazines & newspapers in a more cost-effective way for people like myself, that are visually challenged. Because unfortunately, when one is visually challenged, there is a very good chance that we are “paycheck challenged” as well. 🙂 But we are still very willing to learn, and experience the wonders of a book!

    • Christina-Lauren says:

      That’s a great point… I will let Amazon know your feedback. Hopefully they can develop something to assist.

  10. I love shopping on Amazon because they have an enormous selection of product and have a good number of personal reviews by people who have used the product.

  11. I love shopping on Amazon because it has pretty much everything you could think of to buy, and I can shop from the comfort of my own home 🙂 I also really enjoy that it recommends items I would like. Amazon is the best!

  12. Rachel Mertz says:

    I love using audio books when I go for long hikes. I listened to many audio books while hiking the Appalachian Trail. I usually look for free audio books as I’m a cheap-wad. But, it looks like Amazon Audiobooks had many great titles that I would love to listen to.

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