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How To Transition into Fall Fashion

As Summer starts to wind down and we begin to move into Fall, figuring out how to transition our wardrobes from wearing strictly Summer styles into incorporating Fall fashion into our outfits can be a challenging aspect for many people to handle. With the right pieces and style know-how, making the adjustment from Summer into Fall fashion is easier than you might think. Here’s how to gracefully transition into Fall Fashion.

Choose Fall Fashion Colors

Traditionally, the colors worn during Spring and Summer tend to be light and bright; wearing pastels and vivid hues during hot, sunshine-filled days is to be expected and always feels appropriate. Aside from fashion trends, generally during Fall and Winter, the customary color palette shifts to rich jewel-tones, earthy neutrals, and more subdued, muted hues.

To make the natural switch from Summer fashion into Fall fashion, the key is to start incorporating fall hues (such as olive green, deep burgundy, and rust) into your ensembles. As an example, pairing a navy sleeveless shell with camel colored trousers comes across as a more Autumnal-looking outfit. For a cheerful pop of color and visual interest (to keep the look a bit more Summery), add a patterned pump (like a brightly colored floral print heel) and a glamorous, metallic handbag.

Select Warmer Fabrics

As the weather starts to cool down and the leaves begin to change color, you’ll want to opt for warmer fabrics. Moving away from lightweight cotton shirts and chiffon skirts, and starting to go for materials such as cashmere or wool gabardine not only helps you stay warm, but these fabrics also look more appropriate during this transitional time period. Since the freezing cold days of Winter have yet to hit, bulky knit sweaters and fur coats are not required just yet (not to mention, they’d look out of place during this time of year).

Go For Layering

When in doubt, opt for layering. Pairing a chic blazer or cozy cardigan sweater with a button down blouse adds instant warmth, and makes you look pulled-together and professional. In addition, accessories (like leather gloves and patterned scarves) easily add warmth when it’s a bit chilly outside, while also providing color and texture to your outfit. The best part about layering is that it enables you to adjust to the varying range of temperatures that you might encounter (from warm days to cool evenings).

By following these easy style tips, you can transition from Summer into Fall fashion seamlessly.

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