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Beauty Buzz: Winter Skin Care
From higher altitudes (when you’re skiing or snowboarding) to a constant flow of forced in-door heating, to blustery winds and colder temperatures, winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin. The beauty buzz is out! Sticking with the usual skin care routine you rely on during the warmer seasons is not the answer. Change things up! Featured here are tips for winter skin care.
Here are 3 steps for getting soft skin, even when the weather is behaving badly.
During warm summer months, your skin’s natural oil production is at an all-time high. Which explains why your main concern during that time period is looking greasy or oily. But, during winter, the opposite happens – your skin starts to feel dry. That’s why it’s imperative to switch to a moisturizing cleanser. If you are prone to breakouts, choose one that is labeled as “non-comedegenic” or intended for combination skin.
Ensuring that your skin cells renew themselves regularly (which results in a healthy, glowing appearance) requires proper exfoliation. Never use harsh granules, which can aggravate and damage your delicate skin. Instead, gently use a wet washcloth or hand-held exfoliating device to massage your skin in a circular motion.
When the weather is hot and humid, you want a light-weight moisturizer to keep your skin soft. But, during this harsh weather period, switch to a more heavy-duty lotion, especially for areas that tend to get dry or ashy (like elbows, knees, and legs). Some great options include grapeseed oil and body butter.

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  1. Jamie Johnson says:

    When it comes to exfoliation, be wary of scrubs. When you use them all over your body, especially legs and bottom, it can make skin look like cellulite. I hate that it does, but every time I use a body scrub, my thighs and under-butt can appear dimpled. And I can’t use them at all on my face due to super sensitivity. So I go real easy with scrubs. I swear, I have at least 2 shelves worth of scrubs, too! I do follow up scrubs with a little bit of body oil, followed by lots and lots of Bum Bum cream. And I do have to use heavier body butters in winter. The heater sucks the moisture right out of my skin! So I reapply if needed. Thanks for all these great skincare tips!

  2. I have never even given thought to a moisturizing cleanser because I have had a long history of very oily skin. This year is different for me and I am finding I have much more dry skin. Thanks so much for the tip about using a moisturizing cleanser. I think I will try that and the grapeseed oil! =]

    – Kate

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